Diary of Sister Neria and her mother Sister Helena – WKFL Fountain of the World

Both were nurses.  Neria also served as driver and secretary.

[comments by Brother Jon are always in brackets]



Entries by Sister Helena:


Jan 1, 1948

MKV lectured in San Antonio TX.


Jan 19, 1948

MKV went to [lecture in] Denver and then to Chicago [returned when?]


Oct 31, 1949

Big Box Canyon fire, burned for 3 days.


Jan 1950

MKV [left for Chicago when?] returned from trip to Chicago.  Called a meeting for each member to make a decision.  Whether we would serve Spiritual or Material.  8 followed MKV in Spiritual the rest decided on Material.  All members are Red Cross members.  The W.K.F.L. name was decided upon.


Feb-Mar 1950

Started ceramic and painting work.


Apr-June 1950

Brother Paul and Sister Babs were married.  MKV & Ruth took Paul and Babs with them to Corpus Christi TX for their wedding trip.


July 1950

Brother Paul and Sister Babs returned home.  KV and Ruth are in Mexico.


Oct 1950

Eric & Vi Erikson drove to Mexico to join KV & Ruth [and Nikki] on a trip to South America [Guatemala and Nicaragua].  During MKVs absence he performed many miracles for us here at home, which strengthed our faith to become strong pillars within our own foundation and also to be strong Spiritual pillars later in the Melchizedek Order.  We were still living in the yellow house by the highway roadside.


Dec 1950

We moved into the Rock house.


Mar 1951

MKV returned from Latin America.  He & Ruth were gone nine months.  Eric & Vi returned from Puerto Rico earlier.


Apr 22, 1951

MKV lecture: Why Christ chose to be Crucified.


Apr 29, 1951

MKV lecture: I go unto my Father.


May 15, 1951

MKV went to Denver.


June 9, 1951

MKV returned from Denver.  He brought Wahnetta, she took Helena’s place in the kitchen.


July 9, 1951

A day of sad experience to many of us who were not strong enough to stand the test which was placed before us.


Aug 27, 1951

Moved up to New Project where we are now.   [up the street in Box Canyon]


Sep 2, 1951

First meeting in the new project dining room.


Sep 15, 1951

MKV ready to leave if men did not work better.


Sep 20, 1951

MKV went to Denver.


Sep 29, 1951

Lecture: Unknown influence of the Universe.


Oct 19, 1951

MKV returned from Denver.


Nov 4, 1951

MKV [Gave a lecture on], “I recognize antagonism.”


Nov 11, 1951

MKV lectured on Argo star.


Dec 7, 1951

Tax exemption filed with State of California.


[Dec 17, 1951

Articles of Incorporation of WKFL Fountain of the World filed with State of California.  Signed by;

Martin Baker

Peter Duma (aka Elzibah)

Wally Roth

Ruth Venta

Eugene Shanafelt

Neva Booth (aka Nekona)

Ethel Ray]


Dec 30, 1951

MKV spoke on the Origin of God.


Jan 6, 1952

MKV spoke on Free Will Agency.


Jan 10, 1952

MKV left for Seattle WA.


Mar 8, 1952

MKV returned from Seattle.


Mar 14, 1952

MKV took brothers to flooded area downtown, a First Aid Service.


Mar 17&18

MKV lectured in Long Beach CA.


Mar 29-Apr 3

MKV started lectures & a play, & banquet in Long Beach CA.


Apr 20, 1952

Lecture: Atoms & Cells


Apr 21-24, 1952

Practicing first aid skills every morning.


Apr 25, 1952

Lecture: How to greet New Ones.


Apr 27, 1952

Lecture: Spoke on “The Little Things”.


May 4, 1952

Lecture: Spoke on “Pituitary gland and the Mind”.


May 5, 1952

First Aid classes.


May 5, 1952

MKV left for Denver.


June 4, 1952

MKV returned from Denver.


June 4, 1952

MKV spoke on the Balance.


June 11, 1952

[MKV spoke on] Why build a hospital?


June 20, 1952

[MKV] Told of His vision, some had to learn.


June 21, 1952

[MKV] Gave out candy, cigarettes and played games.


June 24-27, 1952

MKV read from Joseph Smith’s Book of Mormon.


June 28, 1952

MKV played educational games with the group.


June 29, 1952

MKV gave a beautiful meditation on denying ourselves, without having to give orders or to command it.


July 4, 1952

MKV brought home ice cream, wieners, etc for a surprise party.


July 9, 1952

MKV gave talk on the need for Dormitory silence.


July 12, 1952

MKV, Gene, Edri & Nekona left for San Diego.


July 14, 1952

MKV came back & took Jane along to San Diego.


July 21, 1952

Earthquake at Tehachapi CA at 4:56am, 11am, 1pm.


July 22-23, 1952

Tremors continue.


July 25, 1952

Group returned from serving at the earthquake disaster.


July 26, 1952

MKV & group returned from San Diego.


July 28, 1952

MKV left for San Diego.


Aug 9, 1952

MKV returned from San Diego.


Aug 10, 1952

MKV lectured on: First & Second Resurrection.


Aug 24, 1952

MKV lectured on: Emotions.


Aug 25, 1952

MKV asked all to go on a five day fast, with just two glasses of water in 24 hours.


Aug 29, 1952

MKV broke the fast at midnight, Vegetable soup & crackers.  He gave a message, then prayer to the Father, everyone sang until about 3am.


Aug 30, 1952

Hugh [1st husband of Neria] took [daughters] Alinda & Kathy away from the Fountain.


Sept 1, 1952

Cooking outside.  Hymn singing every evening by lantern light.


Sept 4, 1952

PM testimonials and singing of hymns.


Sept 7, 1952

Master took Sister Ruth’s mother, Hilda home to Salt Lake City.


Sept 16, 1952

We had butter to eat for the first time in weeks plus some honey.


Sept 18-21, 1952

Going through tests.


Oct 7, 1952

MKV called to change leaders from Peter to Gene.


Nov 1952

Started Fountain newsletter called, “Spray”.


Dec 5, 1952

Master came home from Salt Lake City.


Dec 6, 1952

MKV left for Chicago.


Jan 16 & Feb 16, 1953

MKV called from Chicago.


Mar 2, 1953

MKV came home from Chicago.


Mar 3, 1953

MKV gave lecture on I Cor 3.


Mar 4, 1953

MKV gave instructions for Meditation.


Mar 7, 1953

MKV with group had big social time.


Mar 8, 1953

MKV lecture: Never condemn those who are prejudiced to us.


Mar 16, 1953

MKV received good news about a big ad from reporters.


Mar 22, 1953

MKV spoke on Love.


Mar 29, 1953

Remarriage [rededication] ceremony for five couples.


Apr 1, 1953

Resurrection play and Banquet at Ventura.


Apr 23-25, 1953

Reseda play.


May 31, 1953

MKV left for Canada [Ended up staying in Boise.]


July 22 & 23, 1953

Gene & Jane in auto accident.  MKV went to Bishop CA.

[They were on the way to Boise to pick up Muriel and her husband (Barbara’s parents) to bring them to the Fountain.  Jane put Gene's head in her lap when he had a broken neck and from then on his right shoulder shuddered all the time.  She thought he was dead. - Barbara]


Jul 27, 1953

MKV called to say Jane is out of hospital and Gene should be out in three days.


Jul 28, 1953

MKV called and said that He should be home today, arrived home and gave lecture.  PM He left for Bishop CA.


Aug 7, 1953

MKV took large crew to fight fire at Tehachapi.


Aug 15, 1953

Crew home from the fires.


Aug 17, 1953

MKV with crew went to Fillmore fire at 7pm, returned at 11:50pm.


Aug 25, 1953

MKV left for a San Bernardino fire, returned Sep 1st.


Sep 6, 1953

MKV and crew left for another fire.  Neria and Patrice were flown into fire area by helicopter.


Sep 30, 1953

Crews home from fires.


Oct 5-9, 1953

MKV lectured in San Diego.


Oct 11, 1953

MKV gave lecture on humbleness.


Oct 16-22, 1953

Lessons every night.


Oct 23 - Nov 5, 1953

MKV, Elvira, and Nekona leave for Denver.


Dec 12-17, 1953

MKV left for San Francisco.


Dec 27, 1953 – Jan 3, 1954

MKV on a fire.


Jan 24-29, 1954

Lecture, then flood emergency.


Feb 20, 1954

Group put on play at Sierra Madre [home for seniors?].


Feb 21, 1954

MKV left for Kansas.


Mar 29, 1954

MKV called.


Apr 2, 1954

Gene and Leila Ruth joined MKV in Washington DC.


Apr 22, 1954

MKV called.


May 8, 1954

MKV mission in Washington DC was successful [Joe McCarthy hearings].


May 19, 1954

MKV came home, gave a lecture, then left in the evening for Washington DC.


May 22, 1954

Group participated in “Northridge Stampede”.


July 24, 1954

MKV arrived home.


Aug 5, 1954

MKV left for New York with Sister Mary.


Sep 20, 1954

Sister Anna Homer buried.


Sep 24, 1954

Very hot for 3-4 days, strong winds.  Fire started at Simi & Chatsworth and came our way.  Fire burned all around us, but didn’t burn here.  Children were taken to Red Cross shelter, TV took pictures.


Oct 1 & 3, 1954

We were asked to move from the lower project (Rock House).


Oct 6, 1954

We left lower project at 11am and all marched up the hill to the Foundation.


Nov 5, 1954

MKV came home and gave a lecture every night while here.


Nov 12, 1954

MKV left for New York by plane.


Nov 9, 1954

Sisters left by car to sing in New York & Newark NJ.


Nov 14, 1954

MKV started lecturing in Newark NJ.


Dec 8, 1954

MKV and Ruth arrived home.


Dec 12, 1954

The rest of the group returned home by car.


Dec 20, 1954

Prince Aaron born.


Dec 28, 1954

Negative wave came in from Mongolia.  MKV ordered no food, no water, no work.  Only concentration every 2 hours from 3pm today until 12 noon Dec 29.


Jan 16, 1955

Brothers are building steps up to the Dormitory.  MKV, Ruth, Lavita, Leila Ruth, Lael & Brother Samuel drove to Oakland.


Jan 21, 1955

MKV returned.


Jan 24, 1955

MKV left for Oakland again.


Jan 29, 1955

MKV returned home with Lavita.


March 29, 1955

Elzibah and Neria Married.


Apr 1, 1955

Prince Aaron was presented to MKV as First Fruit of the Aaronic Priesthood.



Now begins the diary of Neria:



June 19, 1956 Master Krishna spoke to the whole group; after attending 11:15AM concentration (some of the first part of the lecture I [Neria] missed)


"Amen will offer you many things. (you have been asked not to eat sweets). 


Cake and Sweets: If you could see what happens in the body.  They will give you quick energy but the after effect is weakening.  Sweets if eaten in large quantity will drunken the cells, and there is a retardedness and the after effect is like a poison to the body.


Luxuries of the World: To satisfy the senses, man turns to beautiful clothes, loud music, travel, sex, etc.  When we rise above them, you are not adulterated by them.


Physical: Amen will project temptation to you, (after you have overcome the physical-sensual pleasures).  Something begins to happen in your mind.  You cannot trace the call back, if you would trace it back to its source, you would find out where it is coming from (where the sending station is).


You must have faith.  I will not allow the other force to devour you; if you have faith in Krishna.  When there is a confusion in your mind – you know it must be coming from some other source.  Relax, and the answer will come, where the confusion comes from.


Yield not to temptation.  Imagine the world all one choir, in concentration, all in harmony stopping for a few minutes, out of 24 hours.  We should slow down, relax for a few minutes and be thankful for the good around us.


Poison Oak:  It has its season.  It can only touch those who are subject to it.  Amen is the same way.  We must be immune to Amen, and all things.


All have same weakness – there are many jealousies in the group.  Betty: Get rid of it.  Yours for Asaiah, it hurts you and everyone else.  We need each other, united, let’s agree to Unity.  When you begin to flare up, stop and say “Get thee behind me Satan.”  Love ye one another, truly, with no mental reservations.  Inside we are all dreamers, but the discord upsets all these beautiful thoughts.  I am your shepard, you are the sheep.  Their wool, clothes the shepard.  I want you alive, vivacious, not dead.  You have no compassion.  You have no time for one another; you have your own clicks, and your own pleasures.  When I organized this I wanted a Heaven on earth, why not give it your all?  When I send a burro out into the field, and the sheep should follow.  When the Master calls the sheep will return.  Remember who ever I put in charge; they want to eat also so they won’t lead you astray.  What they do is for your own good.  I know where the sheep will be for I know my leaders.  I will not desert you, or leave you.  Though My resignation stands.  You are engrossed in the very basic concepts, you can’t think beyond your nose.  As long as your mind is awake and open, I’m with you always, I cannot leave you.



The lord is my helper and I shall not fear man.  You don’t like it when I chasten you.  For I know you can’t go into God’s temple, the way you now are.  Give praise to God, give yourself.  Obey them that have the rule over you.  You accepted Krishna as your guardian.  I can’t let you get into the alfalfa field and bloat.


I have entrusted the mission to many others, but have had to come and set up the united order myself.  I waited until the very last moment to come.  Everyone else has failed, so I came myself to gather the Elect.  I had to build the Foundation (food, shelter to care for your houses.)  The spirit of you needs food also.  I came with nothing, to do the impossible, with only the Will to do.  I had to build the moral up too…"



JULY 6, 1956

Neria cleaned and scrubbed the dispensary. Took several to appointments with Doctors and for glasses adjustments.


JULY 8, 1956

The lunch today was quite bad. Cottage cheese served was very unusual taste.. Not sweet sour. The apricots were green, and most of the bananas were over ripe and mashed. Elzibah's feet were worn thin from soliciting. I soaked his feet and oiled and bandaged them. Bob Fuller came to visit the Fountain this afternoon. Master announced that he would be leaving on a trip shortly.. to Canada (Elzibah and Tom?)


JULY 9, 1956

Sister Nekona was taken to Dr. Kovats and got her new dentures. The L.A. Drug Company at Alhambra, Mr. Baldwin donated 11,000 Calcium capsules.  Neria packed a suitcase for Elzibah and Tom for the trip.




10:30 AM Master, Ruth, Verginia, Elzibah, Tom, Richard Shanafelt, Jim Broiles, Nikki, Barbara Broiles left the Fountain bound for Canada and points North.  (And on to Alaska.) [this comment – on to Alaska - was added as an afterthought, since Canada, not Alaska, was the original goal for the establishment of a second Fount]  The Fountain activities continued on at a fast pace.  Brother Samuel left with some money bags for Canoga Park in the Buick. I took Sister Nekona to Burbank to visit Dr. Kovats. She had some tender spots from her new dentures which the Dr. fixed for her. Brother Paul and Big Richard worked most of the day, cleaning out the garage. They took two loads of junk and "stuff" over to the dump. They also put some legs on the new single beds. Sister Babs was busy cleaning the girl's dorm. The dorm was refurnished and arranged with new beds and it really looks good. The Garage will now be a bedroom for Brother Paul and Sister Babs and also will serve as an Art shop for Brother Paul. This arrangement will probably be temporary as I understand that the Garage is suppose to be a main office room. That way some of the H.Q. staff will have a place to work without constant interruption. The new organ arrived. Sister Ethel played on it and all decided that its quality is a great improvement over the old organ. 6 PM we had dinner. The Board of Directors met after concentration. Brother Samuel sent Bros. Jerohan and Asaiah out on procurement together today. They were the only ones out on this mission. Four of the brothers pleased the Laundry Dept. and the.Fire Dept. also ... They cleaned away all the brush and raked the yard. Big Richard and the boys went to Simi Valley and won their first Chamber of Commerce baseball game tonight. Freddy and his bandaged finger was elected Bat Boy. In the evening Sister Ethel and Lila went to spend a few days with Sister Lila's daughter Jeanie.



JULY 11, 1956 Wednesday

Early AM I drove the Dodge- taking Brother Claude, little Gene and Sister Audrey .. first to U.C.L.A. Medical Clinic for Gene's examination, then on to L.A. where Audrey signed her last divorce papers [from Gary Fisher]. When they are filed, she is a free woman. Which is a delightful feeling. I hope she can shed the past as easily and jump over the wall to Master now: Brothers Charles and Arliss cut firebreak in the back of the Nursery today. All the tall weeds are gone and the cave is in full view. The cave is a storage area .. boxes and bottles of all descriptions. We need to start a clean up project on the cave. Sister Hilda is very joyful and seems little concerned about the group leaving for North. (Of course she would like to see more of Sister Ruth, but Helena is concentrating on keeping Hilda's thoughts occupied. This AM Sister Hilda came up to the dispensary where Helena reads to her and they discuss the Bible. They eat lunch together and then rest. Sometimes they talk and walk after their rest. Having Sister Hilda to look after is good for Helena. And being with Helena gets Hilda out of the back room . . when she is alone she gets nervous and upset. Aaron thrilled Sister Erika today ... He took off his training pants by himself and went to the potty, all alone. (In typing it is good to have two thumbs- - but not on the SAME hand.) On the way home from L.A. I stopped at a place on Sunset Blvd. that makes flags. I learned more about flags. The cost of having one made depends upon the size, the material, the pattern, amount of lettering, whether you want one or two sided flag . . and so on.  Sister Betty is working in the kitchen. She complains about her nerves. "They" are upset most of the time. She is taking vitamin pills, which she feels help the nerves. The Brothers cut firebreak every AM at 5:30, except when a special work detail interferes with that schedule.



JULY 12, 1956 Thursday

Breakfast 6 AM Brothers went on the beach cleaning detail, taking with them several of the Sisters who volunteered. (Muriel, Hazel, Helen, and Alice) Augie, the blind Ham operator from Kansas will arrive 7/13/56 in the evening for a visit to the Fountain. Sister Alice is now cooking the noon meal for the School Children and the Nursery. This is a good arrangement as the children need special attention to their food and its preparation. Sister Alice can put a lot of love into the stew, when she is not burdened with other details of the kitchen. I sent off the letter and money order for a certified copy of final divorce papers from Hugh.  Surprise, Sister Hilda went barefooted today outside and even ran up and down the sidewalk. This was a major surprise and we all enjoyed seeing her so spry and full of vitality. Mary had suggested that Hilda go barefooted and Hilda liked the idea so much she tried it. Big Richard painted the inside of the water tank today with linseed oil. The grease trap at H.Q. was plugged. This task also fell to Richard who was unsuccessful in unplugging the trap.  Brother Arliss will have the task in the morning to get it unplugged. Sister Nekona has an appointment this AM with Dr. Kovats. I took her and some of the younger children (Domeno, Eleazar, & Roger) into Burbank. They got an ice cream cone treat. When we arrived home they ate with the school children at H.Q. 11:15 PM Sister Babs fell down several of the steps back of H.Q. She didn't hurt herself or tummy.


JULY 13, 1956    Friday

Babs stayed home from soliciting today and rested in bed. She got up about noon and said that she felt fine. I took Sisters Hilda and Helena to the Doctor. Both of them are alright. The Tuberculin test that they gave little Gene at the Clinic was read by Dr. B. and was negative.  Augie arrived with his Aunt Florence to visit. They were entertained at HQ, where they ate dinner and then came over to see the rest of the Fountain. Sister Lila and Sister Ethel arrived home looking rested and joyful. In evening Bros David, Jarohan and Arliss' went on a service call. It seems that the Valley Gas truck driver had an accident and needed help getting down the hill. Brother Samuel and his crew went soliciting today. Aaron tonight took his wool blanket and went into the Nursery, he had decided that he would sleep in there. . so he did.



July 14, 1956 Saturday

I got some help from some of the older children, Linda Lee, Lael and Sharva and went to work to get a wooden fence across the lower end of the play yard. (In back of the Dispensary room on the Nursery bldg.) There was an old rock wall part way across that end, but not enough to keep in the sand & children and the animals out (eg. Bell's cow).  After several days of work on the fence we now have a fence across one end and nice gate. Brother Aaron helped he can pound nails with a hammer as well as the other boys. The educational films I ordered through the Health Dept. arrived. Brother Samuel and some of the HQ Staff are going to preview them tonight and show the film to the group Monday or Tuesday night. Brother Wilbur arrived home from his mission in very good spirits and with rekindled desire to forge ahead.


JULY 15, 1956 Sunday

At 6 AM the electricity went off and was off until 10 AM. Jeroham took Aaron with him until lunch, to work on the bees. Someone overloaded the Nursery toilet and it became plugged. In the afternoon when Jeroham and Eddie were working on it, they decided that the toilet required a larger draft to carry out the heavy load of debris. Sometime in the future we will have a more efficient toilet installed. Meanwhile we will continue to be alert and detour the children or adults to another toilet when it is needed for a BM.  Brother Gene gave the afternoon lecture. Brother David did better with his evening lecture. He was more brief and to the point and didn't take up a full 2 hours. The message is more effective when he speaks fewer words and when it is from the spirit rather than from a book. He also brought out the reports given in a recent fire meeting RE: Atomic warfare. This is good because some of the Fountain people have been away from newspapers so long that they don't realize what the opposite forces are forging ahead to develop in the way of solid methods of destruction. It is Stimulating to realize that all those in the Fountain have to work that much harder to become harmonious and unified in the work we are presently engaged in and the greater work ahead.


JULY 16, 1956 Monday

Sister Hazel missing. After checking I found she had left a note saying she left with Sister Dona. Brother David is working on Sister Elvira's Chevy. Lael and Jessie worked with me (Neria) today on building the fence across the back of the nursery play yard. Both of them have gotten pretty good at sawing wood. Mike Bitner visited the Fountain. Solicitors were out very late tonight. "Friskie" was taken to a new home. Besides the 2 females with kittens .. at H.Q. the third is about to have her litter. We are working to help gather and become one of the 144,000- - It appears we have a good chance to reach that number .. Even Sister Mary is getting just a little tired of cats. Brother Arthur sent some special candy to Sister Hilda. She was so surprised and wanted everyone to have a piece. Brother Dan called this week asking if he could bring his wife up to visit the Fountain. He was told that he must wait to see or talk with Master first. Don’s father and mother from Lookout Mountain, Colorado visited the week of July 26th. They said that Don was working in a little restaurant in Alameda and was serving at the counter.


JULY 17, 1956    Tuesday

Sisters Erika, Christi and I took the Nursery Children to Griffith Park zoo. We had a picnic lunch before we came home. Most of the children have not seen so many animals. They went eagerly from cage to cage looking at many familiar and many funny animals. We took 13 children, including Thabah, Aaron, Leila Ruth. (Sister Nekona planned to take the school children another time, we thought Lael would better fit into that age group). The Zoo has a section that they have fixed like a barn yard.. with sheep, cows, pony, chickens, rabbits, etc. In the center of the barn yard is a small pond for the ducks, geese and other fowl. This has a wire fence designed to keep the little ones out of the water. I turned my back for an instant while I helped several of the other children. When I turned around. . everyone was watching – guess Who? Brother Aaron had seen a baby duck in the midst of the geese and all, and he easily got through the fence and into their pen. Since I couldn't reach him over the fence and couldn't get through it like he did, I just watched also. Aaron walked slowly around the pond, talking to the birds. . "Come on, Come on" He wanted to touch them but of course they wouldn't stay still. When he came near the end of the pond and fence, we gave him some little pieces of bread which he carefully fed to them.  In the evening movies were shown to the whole Fountain. Everyone seemed to enjoy watching them.


JULY 25, 1956

Brother Samuel and several others from the Fountain went into Ventura to the new Rotary Club meeting. (The Ventura Star Press had a very good write-up about the Fountain and speaker at the meeting, who was Samuel).  Tonight I helped Brother Samuel put up 3 sheets of cellutex in the boy's dorm. The main working group is working in the ditch to put the floor in it. Bros Arliss and Charles are busy working on a new septic tank. The old one was not in the right location and wasn't large enough. Brother Paul and Sister Bitzi worked on the window frames. Jeroham worked on the electric stove in the afternoon. David went into to town to the Doctor. Big Richard took the school age boys to a baseball game between a Hollywood and a Canadian Team. When work stopped after midnight, Sisters Jane and Babs had fixed all a nice surprise, Tacos & coffee! Sisters Patrice, Lila & Christi have become first class cement workers.  Sister Erika helps out one or two nights. However her day schedule is so full, I told her she didn't have to stay all night working on the cement & ditch work. She is most valuable taking care of the Nursery. Brother Herbert isn't physically qualified to do this cement work, so he helped by cleaning up tin cans and fixing their labels. Bros. Eddie & Jeroham have been spending most of their time working on the extra water tank up on the hill. They also got a chance to take the electric stove in the kitchen apart. They finally got it working to the satisfaction of Sister Mary.


JULY 26, 1956   

6 AM Firebreak work. Crew to Ventura Beach to clean it. Brother left on a trip to San Diego today. Sister Nekona went into Dr. Kovats DDS, and we took Sister Mary along for the ride.  She was able to stop & visit with her friend, Virginia Zittle in Burbank. Mary's friend is from a N.Y. class Mary attended before meeting Master. This visit was most enjoyable and a change for Sister Mary. Brother Claude has been at Sunny Acres for almost two weeks, taking care of the goats and helping Mrs. Wilson. I understand that they would like to keep him. We can understand this but Claude is expected to live at the Fountain, except when he is sent on emergency or service calls. While at Sunny Acres, Claude had put on about 10 pounds. All that goat cheese, butter etc. really fattened him up. This evening we had a visiter, Shree Himilayaishwar .. A self styled ambassador from India, who is traveling throughout the world on a peace mission. Rather than sleep in the Men's Dorm, he was housed in the little "Yellow" house.


JULY 27, 1956

In the AM Shree had breakfast with group. He said that he could not stay any longer, particularly since we couldn't give him a private bathroom. Brother Asaiah took him into town in AM and received another concept from Shree.  Asaiah didn't feel that he would have stayed any longer anyway .. because he had seen in the Fountain what he had come to find.  Asaiah felt that he was testing the sincerity of those in the group he contacted. People at the Self Realization fellowship [www.yogananda-srf.org] were very cold to the Indian. He was sent to visit by friends of the Fountain in Denver. (Little David, Brother Lee, Jabin and Big David)



JULY 26, 1956 8:30 PM


Acting Chairman Brother Paul conducted the meeting. A list of approved departments was read & assigned to members of the Board to compile & outline each Dept. at to: purpose, function, operational plan and procedure. These lists are to be completed by 6 PM July 28, 1956 and will be presented to the Board of Directors at their next meeting. Following are assignments made:


Administration - Brother Samuel 

Art - Brother Paul

Automotive - Sister Nekona 

Construction - Brother Paul

Culinary - Sister Elvira

Education - Sister Nekona

Music - Sister Jane

Nursery - Sister Neria

Nursing - Sister Neria

Procurement - Sister Elvira

Public  Relations - Brother Asaiah

Sewing - Sister Wally

Maintenance - Brother Paul

Transportation - Sister Nekona

Warehouse & Storage - Brother Asaiah &  Sister Wally             

Laundry - Sister Jane

Housekeeping - Sister Jane

Radio Communications - Brother Samuel

Finances - Sister Elvira


For General Information - The following are Special Assignments (Not Depts.)


Emergency Services - Brother Samuel

Drama Production - Sister Jane

Drama Direction - Brother Samuel

Custodian of Electrical supply - Open

Custodian of Plumbing supply - Open


Personal Needs:

Women - Sister Jane

Men - Brother Samuel

Recording & Sound – Bro Gene

Produce Procurement – Sis Billie


General Needed Positions, with outlined responsibility & procedures.  Keepers or Custodians of the Womens Dormitory and Mens Dormitory.



JULY 27, 1956


Election of Officers:      

Brother Paul - Chairman

Sister Neria - Secretary

There was a short discussion of the General Rules regarding: Work orders, Route Slips, Work hours record, Service reports & Inventory records.  Each Department will have a sheet of General instructions plus the departments outline plan. Sister Wally submitted the Sewing Dept. outline plan. The meeting then became a work period for Supervisors to work on their outlines.



JULY 28, 1956 Saturday

4 Brothers went to work at Chatsworth Lumber Co. Sister Muriel had pictures of Alvin, Barbara and baby Karan, which she passed around at the dinner table.  Barbara has stopped working and seems to have put on weight and her hair is very short.  The evening play was about a Mental Hospital.  After the play there weren't many guests. Audrey, Ethel & I played scrabble. Jeroham and Asaiah played Chess. The others danced or watched the dancing. With Bro Wilbur gone the Canasta players were handicapped. Brother Arlis and Sister Lila have a fungus infection in their ears which is gradually clearing up. Dr. Brainard said that they shouldn't get any water in their ears. They must wear rubber ear plugs until the infection is completely gone. Brother David is taking with his special diet, Okra Powder in 6 oz of Milk. This is supposed to be good for stomach and ulcer trouble. This evening Sister Bitzi got depressed and confused. She went over to HQ where she talked to Brother Paul. He seemed to be able to clear up the fog she was in. Bitzi and Audrey are almost inseparable. Bitzi does not mix well with anyone except Audrey, except when she sees Samuel.



July 29, 1956 Sunday

We had visitors from the Rotary Club today. Clarence Moore and 3 females, Gene Gully and his wife. A Polish man and his wife came for the lecture. This evening Ethel, Audrey, Samuel, Asaiah and several others went into Canoga Park as part of the Entertainment Programming arrangements that we will have from now on. Brother Aaron loves to use the junior size broom and can sweep the stairs very well. He worked about 1 hour on a large wooden jigsaw puzzle and can put it together all buy himself.  Since he is a "volunteer" member of the Nursery, he has grown up! He is able to do well in keeping up with the older children. There is not much he misses, if anything. He spreads out his arms and runs around going Wooooo Wooo an Imitation of Superman. When he isn't talking a steady stream of phonetic sounds to someone, he is singing and is quick in his physical actions. He can get in and out of a crib with the side rail up or down. Sister Erika tells him to go to bed and he does very nicely. Master and group with Ruth Lewis in Fairbanks, Alaska.



JULY 30, 1956

I checked school clothing for Debby and Sheila, and gave a "needs" list to Sister Wally. It isn't fair to wait until the last minute to tell her what they will need for school. I was joyful to tell her that they won't need anything extra. The two new school girls have plenty of clothes for the present. It appears that we will make some changes in the Nursery. It needs fixing up a bit. The two older girls, Sheila & Debby will be staying the small room off the Nursery for the time being. They will go to school and join in with the older school children's activities, but live near the Nursery. Erika and I will have "two" daughters going to school. We will have to spend time with them in discussing school and in helping them adjust to growing up. Brother Asaiah with help of his staff & Sister Christi are making new signs for the road entrance. The Sign that we had on the corner of Plummer Rd. and Topanga Road was chopped down! He moved the big sign in front of H.Q. so that is may be read more easily from the road. Most people don't even see it, as it blends in with the trees and surrounding nature. Tonight is a Board meeting, and the crew will be working on the ditch. Helena has had a painful week: Pains in stomach, intestines, etc. I wanted to take her to Ventura but she wouldn't hear of it. So I took her to the Chiropractor where she got a colonic treatment.  She has been drinking alfalfa tea and feels much better aga1n. "Something" let go in her back, and that she feels much better and no pain now. Someone had chopped our other sign into pieces, and Asaiah is making another new sign for corner of Plummer and Topanga Blvd.  Brother Paul at 6 PM called on each Supervisor and collected the outline plan from each Dept. supervisor. These outlines will be placed in Dept. folders and submitted to the Board of Directors for their approval of the work so far and for suggestions or advice for continuing.


SEPTEMBER 4, 1956 Tuesday 8:30 PM

Brother Paul called a meeting of the Board of Supervisors. Members Present: Paul, Neria, Jane S., Wally, Asaiah, Nekona, Samuel and Elvira.  Brother Samuel opened the meeting with a prayer for guidance & direction. Brother Paul's address & directions to the Board:


1.  It is necessary that ALL service reports be made out in proper detail. We must have adequate records for the files of the Emergency Service Dept. These records are to be available to the U.S. Dept. of Revenue.


2.  Board of Directors have advised the Board of Supervisors that the operational plan is to go into effect immediately. The plan will result in a smoothly coordinated and functioning Fountain with the efficient integration of new members.


3.  The Board of Supervisors were corrected in their misunderstanding of Directive regarding: Compiling & Writing the Operational procedures and outlines. Each Dept. head is to work out their own Dept. outline and develop their operational procedure and plan.  (Board of Supervisors should not have to do this.) Brother Paul and Sis Neria may be consulted with any problem which may arise, or may offer suggestions in the working up of these Dept. outline plans.


4. These outlines will then be processed in printed form for each respective Dept. and will be available to all members of that Dept.


5.  Chairman of the Board of Supervisors will inspect each Dept. weekly. (Checking work reports, working conditions, problems, etc. also to encourage greater efficiency, harmony & unity.) A report of this weekly inspection will be submitted to the Board of Directors for their edification & any suggestion.


6.  Master Krishna has given over to us the material functioning of the Fountain and we Must carry this responsibility.


No Questions .. No new business .. The Meeting was closed.



SEP. 17, 1956

Hot day but we had a nice strong breeze. Brother Paul had an appointment with Dr. Kovats today and received his dentures.  Bro Samuel and Sister Elvira both stubbed their toes today and required first aid. Master called from Elko, Nevada, they will be home in about 5 days. Richard Womack had a dream that his mother had a heart attack, and he wants to go to Texas to visit her once again. Received word on the Short Wave radio from Pagenhardts, that Jerohan and Patrice are both working but find that wearing shoes are a bit difficult. Master plans to take 40 Fountain members to Alaska in February 1957 to settle new homestead.  Bro Paul is on a Rx of Terramycin. Neria was at HQ several hours in consultation with Brother Gene, Sisters Mary and Elesha regarding Elesha'a schedule and the problems in the Culinary dept.  9 PM Brother Asaiah drove Sister Helen to Sunny Acres to work this week. Sister Billie is suppose to be on a diet, but she doesn't look as if she in loosing any weight - seems to be gaining. Brother Herbert has his teeth cleaned by a dentist friend.


SEP. 18, 1956

Sister Jane had a molar extracted by Dr. Morrow. At 10 AM Sisters Nekona, Neria and Jane (the Executive Committee of H.I.I.) went to visit Attorney Bruce Buccanan.  We returned about 12:45 PM. Sister Lila is having another infection (as she had before) in her ears. There is itching and drainage. David Allen is still on Ulcer Routine and is on medication to keep him calmed down. The Nursery children were unusually fussy today. The “Trench mouth" cases have been cured.  Brother Eddie working on the radio until 4:30 AM.  Bro Paul has been suffering with a great deal of pain from his new dentures.  Today it seems the irritation is decreasing and there is not as much pain. Sisters Nekona and Neria attended Simi School PTA meeting tonight.  I talked to the chairman of the Committee for Exceptional Children.  Sister Nekona was appointed chairman of the Safety committee.



SEP. 19, 1956

Sister Ethel went to Optometrist to get her broken glasses frames repaired.  Brother Eddie said that he couldn't work on the Fire Break today because his feet were very swollen. At other times he complains of his teeth, back, hemorrhoids, etc. Brother Claude seems to be very weak and tired these days. He may need to go to the Doctor for a complete exam. Sister Elvira should have an examination because of her recent auto accident. Brother Arliss complains of the diet, too much starch, etc, etc. Sister Betty complaining of being overworked. Sister Billie seems under pressure. Her facial expression is not as jolly or as relaxed as usual. Brother Samuel is getting the Hydrocortisone drops into his eyes every day. Sister Babs fell on her buttocks at HQ on the outside steps. She feels OK, no complications. Her pregnancy is heavy and uncomfortable. She tries to move too quickly and loses her balance. Brother Asaiah is under pressure also. As a result of much driving and no schedule for regular BM, not drinking enough water. He has some painful hemorrhoids. I dispensed some nupercaina1 ointment with an injector.



SEP. 20, 1956

Brother Wilbur went out with the Beach Crew. He has a fungus infection on his hands from working with the cement block and in the cement. The salt water and hot sun & sand seem to be helping clear up the condition. Brother Paul went to Dr. Kovats today to have some of the sore spots attended. His dentures were adjusted. Brother Eddie and little Robbie S. are working on the Intercom system. Sister Audrey very shakey and weak .. complained to Sister Jane at HQ. Brothers had fire fighting drill tonight from 10 PM to 1 AM with full packs. David Allen was running them up and down the hills. He also had them cut some firebreak. Sister Jane cooked special meal for them when they had finished and came in hungry and tired. 


SEP 21, 1956

Bro Eddie seems to lack confidence in himself.  He has great desire for others to flatter him and tell him how wonderful he is.  Brother Arlis seems to have a mental upset today, also.  Two Short Wave radio Hams came to visit the Fountain today. One talked with Brother Asaiah while the other fellow talked with Eddie while on the radio. Sisters Audrey and Babs went with the children on an outing. Bitzi Under Sister Alice's direction is learning to bake Bread. Sister Betty complained of chest cold, dizzyness, thick mucous and pains in her chest. Had temperature of 99.4. She states that she needs to have time off.  She was excused from work today and spent the day lying in the sunshine. Sister Leta is taking her place in the kitchen. Brother Arliss dropped a large stone on his foot about 4:30 PM. and received first aid. He complained to Bro Samuel that he feels that he has a recurrence of the Gonococcus infection. Testing was done and his fears were unfounded. Brother Eddie was upset this AM that nothing had been done about his teeth or glasses. I made an appointment in the afternoon with Dr. Brooks in San Fernando for Eye Exam.  Dr. said that Eddie needed a blue green tint that would help relieve Eddie's nervous tension.



About 1:30 PM today, Master and Group arrived home. During the break play tonight, Master Krishna publicly got Asaiah and Audrey to sing "My Secret Love" to each other. Then Master publicly proposed marriage for both of them and said they had better get busy as he expected them to be married March 29, 1957.


SEP 21, 1956 SUNDAY

Master gave the 3 PM Lecture and scheduled to give an 8:30 PM Lecture also. 12:45 PM all brothers checked out on a Fire call. Earlier in the evening Elzibah came up to the dispensary after the meeting he found a skunk in the room. The skunk left without any trouble. Sister Erika's friend Herbert met Master today.  Jerry Agee was here for both of Master's lectures. Master said that everyone is going to Alaska that want to go. I helped Sister Mary fry eggs for the Sunday supper tonight. 3 PM there was difficulty in the Nursery. The children were not ready to go to the Lecture. They were dressed but their hair was not combed. The Nursery rooms were dirty.  Sister Alice became hot and dizzy, sweating during Master's lecture today. She feels weak and all "shook up". I advised her to go to bed and get rested.


NOV 10, 1956

Aaaron vomited four times today, undigested prunes. He also had diarrhea. Sister Mary is in bed. Sister Lila is taking charge of the kitchen. Sister Billie left sometime this afternoon, no one saw her leave.


NOV 11, 1956

My mother & father (Vera & Paul Lonneke), Sister Paula, Brother Jim and his wife Beverly with their new baby Donna Kay visited the Fountain today.  Brother Claude had his dentures relined with cushion paste. Mary is in bed. She is come down to meals & not to attend any meetings. Sister Lila is still taking charge of the kitchen. Master put Mary into the Dormitory for several weeks to think and get herself balanced. Sister Babs and new baby Jolly, who was born this AM about 6 AM during Concentration period. Labor was induced last night about 10:30 PM. 


3 PM Master Krishna's Sunday Lecture


Lots of people go to church, a lot of pretenders. Peace only comes from the combined efforts of all. How can you say, "I'm Saved”?  Man will condemn anyone. The moral code = The Commandments. You must live the Ten Commandments.


NOVEMBER 12, 1956

Hilda feels bloated and has a very high temperature. Generally she is improving. Jackie Crews and her husband are now visiting the Fountain. They are from Denver and have 3 children.  Sister Verginia broke the toe nail off her left large toe.


NOVEMBER 13, 1956

Hilda's condition is slowly failing. She has heavy rales, abdomen is distended, raising thick mucous in large quantities, face is pale yellowish and fingers are blue. She has difficulty drinking or eating solid food. She at best can take liquids now. Brother Eddie complained much about an insect bite. He decided that he was in very serious condition. He talked to Master and afterward Eddie seemed to be mentally relieved. 7:30 PM Special meeting was called by Master Krishna. He asked Sister Ethel to play some music. All sang "In the Garden" several times.


MKV Lecture - "You are all blind-deaf .. You hear nor see straight. Half truths, hypocrites, heathens and you LOVE it. The poem, "IF". I have tried hard and long, but the conceit of Amen is in your minds. Why do you allow the five senses to rule? Where are my leaders? You only command respect to give vent to your emotions. There is no respect: for Melchezidek! What you do unto the least of these, you do also unto me. You spit on me. Last Sunday's lecture: Think what you are, not the other fellow. 17,000 BC Egypt-was the capital power of the world. Very wise, yet very superstitious people. "Doom" spread. Orders that all male children born must die. Men were cheap. That which is to be. . . Will be. God is not a respecter of persons. Moses was spared, out of 10,000. Why? Because he was to set up the order of Melchezidek. Moses of the old testament - Christ of the new testament. The 10 Commandments mean my life. Moses was the founder of the religion, "I AM" He freed the Hebrew people from their bondage & led his people into the promised land. "I AM" is Aum. There is truth in all faiths."



NOVEMBER 14, 1956

Hilda slept well all night. This AM she dozes off as you stop talking to her. She din't want breakfast. (Hilda is Mother Ruth Vepta's mother) Sister Nekona needs new glasses and went into see the Optometr1st. I spent most of the day driving to and from various appointments in town.



NOVEMBER 15, 1956

I (Neria) painted for 6 hours in the Nursery. Richard W. sprained his wrist while cutting firewood. He was given First Aid by Brother Paul. Helena is doing fine, muscle pain is beginning to ease up.



NOVEMBER 16, 1956

Some of the Brothers worked at the lumber yard today. Other Brothers went to Kittles' ranch to cut firewood. Sister Babs went to see Dr. Tapia. Her blood pressure OK, welghs 140 1/2 pounds. Hilda feeling better this AM, is laughing and smiling. She is given 2 tsp of Grape wine daily now to help her circulation and digestion. David Allen is troubled with a cough. He was given some cough medicine. Brother Paul plays with his dentures and in the process dropped them. A tooth was broken out as a result. Master, Mother Ruth, Nikki, Leila Ruth planning to leave on a trip on the 17th. 17th is Mother Ruth's birthday. Sister Hilda didn't like the idea of them leaving.



NOVEMBER 17, 1956

6 AM Master and group left for Denver. Four Brothers went to Sunny Acres to do some work for them. Some Brothers went to Knittles' to cut firewood. Brother Wilbur stayed home today. Brother Asaiah in the International Pickup truck went to L.A. Market procuring today.



NOVEMBER 18, 1956

Sunday Lecture given today by Brother Samuel. "All and each have the potential to be Spiritual" David was working the lights and P.A. system. Aaron went to Sunday school today and was very good. Mrs. Fred Schneider called. She said that they had many Avocados lying on the ground after the recent heavy wind. We told her that we would try to come early this week. It was discovered that Brother Eddie had left the Fountain. Bros. Torn & Elzibah worked on the electricity in the Nursery & Dispensary from 6:30 until 8:30 PM. Aaron worked with Elzibah. The wind had broken some wires. Eleazar had an upset stomach and didn't want to eat. He had liquids, didn't feel too ill to play. Kept quiet in bed.


NOVEMBER 19, 1956

Aaron restless during the night and cried out many times. .



NOVEMBER 20, 1956

Jim Broiles went to Dentist again for fillings. Sister Hilda is troubled with constipation. We can't get her to eat much and she can only hold a small amount of liquid.



NOVEMBER 21, 1956

Hilda finally moved her bowels which were very firm. There is a new medicine called “Colace" which should help Hilda's problem.



NOVEMBER 22, 1956 

Sister Elesha is getting very fat. She eats almost all of the time. I (Neria) painted for 9 hours today. David Allen still plagued by cough. Hilda getting weaker, sleeps much of the time now.



NOVEMBER 23, 1956 3 AM

Brother Elzibah & some Brothers went out to a fire. The Schneiders sent a large donation of surgical supplies which we needed badly. Sister Christi's mother visited overnight. She brought along Christi's 15 year old son.



NOVEMBER 24, 1956

Brothers Paul, Elzibah, Arliss, Claude and Richard W. were moved from San Bernardino fire to the Cleveland Forest, Ramona airport.  There they are mixing chemicals that airplanes spread on the fire from the air. This seems to be a new and very effective way to fight fires in certain areas.  Sister Helena in bed today with pains. I gave Sister Hilda a bath today. Sister Nekona & Brother Herbert both received their new glasses today. Christi went into L.A. with her mother and her son. David Allen & Jim Broiles went to the local fire in the afternoon.  Sister Lila & Audrey went soliciting with the regular group. About 3 PM fire broke out in Black Canyon and came up over the ridge. The winds are very strong. Brother David, Jim and Samuel went immediately on fire. Brother Asaiah went about 4 PM and Brother Herbert. Sister Muriel almost passed out from a cut she had received on her foot. It wasn't large but it did bleed. This frightened her and she almost went into shock. Audrey helped Muriel up to the Dispensary. Friends of Samuel's, Evelyn and her son stayed overnight.



DECEMBER 7, 1956

Brother Asaiah reported that Sister Mary is using too much milk. I need to check to see where it is all going. I (Neria) worked on books most of the day. Also spent 5 hours making flowers for the Hobby Shop.



DECEMBER 8, 1956

Brothers Arliss and Tom pulled the Buzz saw with the Burma truck over to the Knittles' orchard to cut up the small logs for HQ. Brother Paul has a sore spot and asked to go into see Dro Kovats today. Betty has sore feet so was excused from Soliciting today. The HQ pump which supplies Nursery and other toilets is not working yet. Brother Asaiah brought home some beautiful fresh spinach. Helena is making cords for the brother's robes. Keela improved today and is up and dressed. I spent 9 hours making flowers for hobby shop. Aaron still has diarrhea, very thirsty and gassy & doesn't want to eat.



DECEMBER 9, 1956

Cool and windy day. In AM Brother Samuel drove the mothers: Audrey, Bitzy with the Nursery children to Sunny Acres to visit and see Sister Lila. Elzibah & Tom fixed the broken electric line to the Nursery at 5 PM. Sister Audrey is not herself these days. She is very edgy and quiet. Brother Paul gave the Sunday lecture today. Verginia has a sore throat and bad cold. Was excused from lecture and told to stay in bed. Dona Freeman visited at 5 PM, she looks very thin and tired. Russell McCaulous & 2 men visited today.



DECEMBER 10, 1956

Jolly Jay to doctor today for check up. Helena is teaching Sister Jane to give the special treatments to Brother Gene. Sister Betty still has sore feet. Sister Verginia made a quick recovery and went soliciting with group today. Brother Herbert missed his ride to school in the AM .. Brother Tom had to drive him into UCLA in the '54 Ford. Claude is working in the kitchen. Aaron played in the nursery today. His appetite still poor. Aaron received from his Grandmother Vera 2 new flannel shirts and a pair of lined corduroy pants.



DECEMBER 11, 1956

Neria spent most of her time making flowers for the Hobby Shop. 4-7 PM Brother Jim and Sister Neria went out on an emergency call. Sister Jane and Brother Gene got stranded out on Mulholland Drive and have a flat tire .. No spare or jack to change it. Elzibah in bed all day with cold. I gave him some lemonade with whiskey in the afternoon. Helena had very sore muscles and some pain near the heart. Solicitors went out today. Bros. Arliss & Tom are working to repair the roof on the Woman's Dorm this week.



DECEMBER 12, 1956

The Solicitors went into Sierra Madre area today. The weather is warmer. Jim Broiles had appointment with Dr. Hass to get 2 molars filled. Helena got her dentures adjusted .. I (Neria) transported them to the dentist, worked on flowers and moved furnlture 4 hours. Bros. Tom & Arliss went to cut firewood today.



DECEMBER 13, 1956

Sister Leta has foot trouble again. Verginia didn't eat breakfast but after she had practiced singing with Sister Ethel, she came and was fed in the kitchen. Sister Mary and Sister Helen the baker had an upset this AM. Mary didn't want Helen to make so much noise in the kitchen so early. Sister Helen baked some very good biscuits today in spite of the upset. Neria worked in Hobby shop 11 hours. I advised Brother Samuel that the oil we were given for the Nursery Stove is a very poor grade and it burns with much smoke, fumes and ash.



DECEMBER 14, 1956

Sister Christi complained of sore throat, pain and tightness in chest & tired. Advised her to rest in bed with supply of hot lime juice to drink during day. The Fountain is in need of a freezer for storage of meat. Sister Alice had doctor appointment. Her physical showed that her heart is good. She has slight congestion in lower lobes of lungs. Dr. advised a four day antibiotic treatment. Solicitors went to a movie tonight. From 11 to 12 midnight, I (Neria) spent several hours with an alcoholic: Margaret Bonataux. She was dumped off at the front door of HQ. She was really loaded. After she sobered up a little, Brother Tom and I drove her to her cabin in Santa Suzanna Knolls where she is living with a male friend. (He also drinks & has a job at North American)



DECEMBER 15, 1956

Group of Solicitors out today. Sister Helena's blood pressure up again. She is receiving Rx Inversine 2.5 mg for B/P. Sister Alice is taking antibiotic for her lung condition. Sister Leta still has sore feet. Sister Christi recovered enough to go soliciting.  I spent 15 hours sewing on little aprons for the Hobby Shop. Sister Mary seems to have made some personal growth since her confinement to the Dorm. She is more joyful & balanced for longer periods of time. Sister Audrey is quiet and very serious. Something is tormenting her and has been brewing for several weeks. Aaron went to the Saturday evening program He was very good for the first hour and then he got very sleepy.



DECEMBER 16, 1956

Five visitors came for lunch today .. Shela & Debby both complained of stomach ache. Sister Alice and Brother Wilbur are being treated for colds.



DECEMBER 17, 1956

No soliciting today. Very windy and cold. Jolly Jay went to Dr. Tapia for his check up.  Weighs 10 pounds 10 ounces .. Erika went to work at Sunny Acres till Tuesday noon, Sister Bitzi is working in the Nursery. I (Neria) spent 12 hours sewing.



DECEMBER 18, 1956

No soliciting today, was sunny but windy.  7:30 PM Sisters Neria, Wally, Ethel, Nekona, Jane & Erika with all the Fountain children went in the Squad car and the Station wagon to Ventura County Nurses Association Christmas meeting. The Fountain children put on the entertainment program. They sang Christmas Songs in German. The audience enjoyed the program very much.



DECEMBER 19, 1956

No soliciting today. Weather is warm and windy. Jim Broiles went to Dentist today. Sister Alice still taking medication. Complained that her heart pounds and she can't catch her breath. Helena went for Appointment to have her glasses adjusted and also to have her dentures adjusted. I spent 7 hours sewing plus other hours cleaning, doing bookwork and transporting Helena to appointments. Reyel has difficulty hearing. She will have an appointment made for hearing examination and an eye examination.



DECEMBER 21, 1956

Cool and windy day. The solicitors went out today. I received a package from my mother Vera which contained candles for the Hobby Shop. They were made out of real bee wax. Brother Genes order of herbs arrived today. Brother David Smith is with Master at Fawnhoof [unknown town], Colorado. Master requested that the Fountain send his robes out. It was announced that all mail going to Master Krishna should be at HQ by 1 pm. I (Neria) spent 7 hours addressing Fountain thank you letters and cards to go in the mail. Also spent 8 hours sewing.



JANUARY 1, 1957

Brother Bob Fuller stayed over another night. Bro Carl K. 9 PM studies with Brother Herbert. Brother Tom cut his foot quite seriously while working up at the shop, he received first aid. Master called very early in the AM from Fawnhoof, Colorado .. News Brother David Smith is now a Fountain member. His mother Mae wishes that she had stayed in the Fountain. (Presently she is back at the Mental Hospital.) Bros. Arliss & Elzibah went in the Burma truck into Glendale and brought back a truck load of cement. Sister Christi complaining of a cold.  Shela is in bed and on a light diet.



JANUARY 2, 1957

Sister Verginia stayed home from soliciting today. She said that she had a toothache all night. Sister Babs glasses were sent in to be repaired. Sister Betty's feet are bothering her again. Shela is still detained in bed with activities restricted. Brother Wilbur is working on cementing-in the back patio of the Nursery. Sister Babs thought that she had a "heart attack" this evening. She couldn't catch her breath. It was not an attack but an emotional upset. 10 PM Verginia decided that she was hungry and came upstairs to eat. No Toothache!



JANUARY 3, 1957

Jim Broiles and Elzibah to the Dentist for fillings. Gene Moses to U.C.L.A. Clinic for Xrays of his hands. Sister Nekona went to Dr. Kovats for denture adjustment. Robbie's finger seems to be very slow healing. He talks about it constantly and shows everyone how bad his finger looks. Sister Babs in bed all day. She does get up occasionally to take care of Jolly Jay.



JANUARY 4, 1957

Sister Wally has appointment with Dr. Kirby (Chiropractor). Val Dorm has been upseting Sister Nekona with his complaints of stomach ache. He knows how to manipulate people .. He will complain of stomach pains when she corrects him. This morning he was taken to Venture Hospital for an examination. Dr. Haggard found no physical ailment .. Val Dorm ate a big lunch on the way home so that he could return to school. When we arrived at the school, he didn't want to go in. (He had worked me for a hamburger and coke.) Dr. Tapia has been sick today with food poisoning. I took Sister Babs and Reyel to him for check ups. Reyel needs to have her adenoids removed again. The first time it wasn't done correctly. Sister Babs is emotionally unbalanced? Brother Tom's foot is healing fine. Jolly Jay has a spastic cough and almost strangles himself. Sister Babs gets very upset, so he has learned to really cough good and hard usually when he isn't getting attention. I dispensed a Tincture of Benzoin for steam inhalation for Jolly Jay, which Babs didn't use!!



JANUARY 5, 1957

Master arrived home from Colorado. Sister Babs and Jolly Jay were driven by Brother Tom to San Fernando to see Dr. Tapia. The doctor said that Babs really has problems: Guilt complex, persecution complexes, etc. She cried in his office and gave the impression that she didn't want to be in the Fountain. But she felt that she couldn't do anything about it. Keela got a nice hair style: a braid encircling her head. Master said he liked it and complimented Sister Erika. He told Babs that Keela could sleep at HQ once in awhile. Jolly Jay still has coughing spasms and Babs always gets upset when he does.



JANUARY 7, 1957

Bros. Tom & Elzibah are working on the electricity to the Nursery, Dispensary and bathroom today. Brother Paul is going around doing general inspection of the Fountain today. There was a general meeting tonight about 9:45 PM to 11 PM.



JANUARY 8, 1957      

Clear day with occasional sunshine. Solicitors went out. Babs and Lila also went with them. Jolly Jay is in the care of the Nursery. His illness has improved. 9pm I removed a large piece of glass from Sister Leta's heel. Arliss carried over to the Dispensary the large heavy First Aid chest from H.Q.



FEBRUARY 17, 1957  

Master Krishna, Mother Ruth, Leila Ruth, Nikki & Brother Samuel arrived at the Fountain from Denver, Colorado with a new Buick stationwagon.



FEBRUARY 23, 1957  

No soliciting today.  School children went to see the movie "Cinerama Holiday" (165 degree wide, 2 hour travel journal). Sister Ethel still in bed resting today. Brother Wilbur's facial nerve is bothering him again. I gave him a little whiskey to ease the pain. Brother Tom's glasses arrived also Sister Helena's repaired glasses. Sister Lila in bed with an upset stomach, diarrhea and nausea. Brother Samuel's infected toe got worse while he was in Denver. I redressed it for him.



FEBRUARY 24, 1957  

Visitor Jerry Goldberg arrived from New York. Bob Fuller arrived this evening and will stay overnight. He has been ill again. Sister Betty used the heating pad and her ribs have become less painful.



FEBRUARY 25, 1957  

Brother Gene Shanafelt to optometrist for glasses. Bob Fuller went home today. Sister Ethel went into L.A. with me (Neria) for the ride and to pick up her glasses.



FEBRUARY 26, 1957  

Soliciting in San Gabriel. Neria & Elzibah with group.



FEBRUARY 27, 1957  

The Sisters went into Lancaster today, soliciting with Brother Asaiah. Sister Betty said that she needs something for more energy.



FEBRUARY 28, 1957  

Sister Babs to Dentist for another filling. Her

dental work is now completed. Brother Paul went to Dentist, Dr. Kovats for a denture adjustment. Sister Verginia was acting smart/sassy at HQ. Master gave her a correction.



MARCH 1, 1957 

Cool day. Soliciting in Canoga Park today. Jim Broiles went to dentist today and had a front tooth filled. Brother Paul broke his lower plate (again) in the middle .. His teeth were taken in for repairs.  Master said that Keela is going through a stage of change and should be given a polio vaccination.  Evening trip to the Bank: E1ziabh, Neria, Gene S., Paul and Nekona went to sign the legal paper stating the marriage of Neria & Elzibah and have it notorized. I (Neria) spent the rest of the evening filling out the Insurance papers necessary for the rear end collision on the '54 Ford. The other parties will pay for the repairs. Redressed Elzibah's toe.  The new '57 Buick returned home toady with it's new blue & yellow paint job.



MARCH 2, 1957 

Brother Paul went into Burbank to see Dr. Kovats to have permanent dentures fitted. New sister Edith has physical structure similar to Sister Leta .. heavy body with thin ankles & small feet. I went into town today to get two estimates on the repair work needed on the Ford and then complete the insurance paperwork. Elzibah soaked his sore toe and then I redressed it. Some chicken was donated to the Fountain yesterday. It is very fat. Betty wanted to save the rendered chicken fat, Sister Helen wanted to use the fat in cornbread. Their wishes were not approved.



March 3, 1957      Master's Lecture

Do not become discouraged. Brothers Paul, Tom, Elzibah, ValDorm, Sisters Ruth, Verginia, Leila'Ruth and Nikki will be going soon to Alaska with Master. You must stand firm. We go to prepare a place for you. The 4 Holy Days will be celebrated as usual. No rituals this year. There will be only one marriage, that of Brother Samuel and Sister Bitzi.  There might have been two others but they will postponed because their emotional heart overrides their spiritual heart. You must overcome your weaknesses. I shall return to lead you into Alaska.  Those that remain as your leaders .. I work through them. Your name is LIFE.



MARCH 4, 1957 

Reyel to Ventura Clinic for hearing test. Mrs. Warren gave the test. Paul went to Dr. Kovats again today. The Kitchen put some marshmallows in the salad tonight. Elzibah, Tom, Neria & Aaron went to visit with Lennan's this evening before the Brothers leave for Alaska. Mr. & Mrs. Lennan were very glad to see us. We had supper together and watched TV for awhile.



MARCH 5, 1957

After sitting by the fireplace talking with David A. about their ulcers, Sister Edith became very ill & upset stomach. She insisted that she be given some of her "Red" medicine. (It has phenobarbitol in it) So her request was granted. She then sent Sister Muriel as her "messenger” to get something else as she felt terrible. I fixed her a pint of warm bouillon with 2 Tbs of gelatin in it. Edith didn't want to drink it, but finally drank most of it. She then got very nauseated and vomited up all the soy beans in her stomach. Felt much better, laid down in bed and slept well the rest of the evening.



MARCH 6, 1957 

Master to Dr. Kovats for check-up. Keela fell out of one of the top bunk beds, striking her head and cut a large gash in scalp. Bleeding stopped as the large swelling pressed the opening shut. The bleeding continued under the scalp and large hematoma resulted. She was kept in the Dispensary under observation and recovered beautifully. Remained quiet and in bed for several days.



MARCH 7, 1957

Group is packing things for trip to Alaska. Helen waited all day patiently to speak with Master. She asked him if she could go to Alaska. Master told her that she may go also. She was very joyful.



MARCH 8, 1957 

Ed Clark from the Oxnard Courier is here today getting pictures and a story about the trip to Alaska. Keela this evening received her polio shot at the Ventura Clinic. Elzibah, Tom and Aaron went with Neria and Keela this evening. On the way back to the Fountain we stopped at Loop's restaurant and had a nice treat. Glasses arrived for Sister Jane. They were suppose to be tinted driving glasses but it turned out that the glasses are Clear not tinted and apparently the wrong Rx, because when she put them on her eyes feel as though they are crossed.



MARCH 9, 1957

About 11 AM the 1957 Buick Estate Wagon, 1949 Buick station wagon, International Truck with an enclosed 10 ft metal trailer behind filled with supplies were off on the trip to Alaska.. The group with Master & Mother Ruth were: Leila Ruth, Nikki, ValDorm, David Allen, Tom, Paul, Elzibah, Helen, Jerry Goldberg and Verginia. Sister Wally spent the day and all night in bed to rest her hands. They were sore & lame from all the concentrated effort that she has put into getting clothing, etc. ready for this departure. Keela's condition good. Carl left the Fountain with Sister Irene tonight. (He was very glad to be on his way again.) Christi is going to try baking. Some of the Sisters went soliciting this morning.



MARCH 10, 1957        

Before lunch & in evening I felt tension and a flow of adrenalin. Sister Alice during the evening meeting while Samuel was reading Master's book, fainted or swooned. She said that her solar plexis hurt. She didn't eat anything even though she was hungry. I had her lay down on Mary's bed behind kitchen .. Opened the window for fresh air, covered her with warm blanket. In a few minutes she felt ok and ate some supper. Advised that Brother Charles should be taught the baking duties. Alice to rest today, Sister Lila will fix the children's lunches. As the bump on Keela's head gets smaller, the dark blood is beginning to seep out of the hematoma on her scalp. She feels fine.



MARCH 11, 1957

Alice resting in bed today. Betty also stayed in bed to rest. Elesha is in charge of the Kitchen today with Charles & Claude helping. All available solicitors went out to Reseda today.



MARCH 12, 1957

Audrey's finger seems to defy healing. I (Neria) took Reyel, Keela, Aaron into Ventura. Reyel went to the EENT Clinic and was refered to Children's Services for scheduling an operation to remove her Adenoid tissue. Joseph has Poison Oak rash and needed a sliver removed. Betty is in bed Grumpy. Elesha is in kitchen again with 2 brothers helping.


MARCH 13, 1957        

Nekona has an infected place between two toes that she injured with she dropped her fountain pen. Audrey is still working with her infected finger. In spite of treatment the infection persists. Alice has a chest cold and is receiving triple sulfa drug. Betty stayed in bed late this AM. Later she got up and went down in meeting room by fireplace. Bitzi and Samuel went into town to get their blood tests. Sherry, Debbie, Johny & Roger had little accidents today and needed patching up. Keela is doing fine.  I went along with the Solicitors today. About 9 AM developed a splitting headache that I couldn't shake off all day long. About noon we heard that International Truck pulling the trailer with Bros. David and Elzibah had smashed up in Idaho Falls, Idaho about 9 am on Snow & Ice.  Elzibah received severe concussion.



March 14, 1957   

Reyel went into Dr. Clark's office in Venture for an examination. Surgery will be scheduled. We must take them a signed consent for surgery from one of her parents. Dispensary was busy today. Helena was on duty while I was in Ventura with Reyel. Mary has a terrible headache and feels that she is getting another cold. I gave her an injection of antibiotic in her butt. This attention made her feel that someone was giving her the attention she needed to get rid of the cold. She stayed in bed today. Bitzi's blood test came back reactive!  Samuel's test was OK. I filed the Marriage Declaration paperwork at the Court House. The Optical Company gave us a refund for their mistake on Sister Jane's glasses. Jim Broiles has a serious case of Poison Oak all over groin areas, complicated by chafing.



MARCH 15, 1957        

Ides of March begin today. It seems from the looks of events, "they" came in with a bang. There have been many accidents and silly things happening in the last few days. Mary in bed nursing her cold. Alice is taking Sulfa to get rid of her cold. The wheezy congestion in her throat sounds like asthma. Cold symptoms are getting better.



MARCH 16, 1957

I (Neria) went out with the Solicitors today. In the even1ng I worked on Knitting and taught little Brother Robbie how to make artificial flowers.



MARCH 17, 1957

Sister Babs's hemorrhoids are bothering her again. Also the area of rectal fistula is irritated. Mary resting in bed. She said her nose is plugged up and that the cold is into her chest. Gave her lemon water, sauer kraut juice, and later in evening boullion. Rubbed her chest with analgesic ointment.  She is to stay in bed at the Women's Dorm except to go to the bathroom. Evening temperature 98.6. Gave her a hot water bottle for comfort.



MARCH18, 1957

Reyel Admitted to the Ventura Hospital in the AM. when she undressed I discovered that she had on the bottom of an old bathing suit instead of panties. Helena and Aaron went along on the trip to Ventura. Mary got quite upset when she wasn't given any aspirin .. but she had no Temp. Helena convinced her after a long conversation that Mary should have an Enema. It seems that Mary was very constipated and required three enemas before there was any results. Then she had profuse amount of BM. 8PM   Mary wanted a sleeping pill, this was refused.



MARCH 19, 1957        

Solicitors worked in Woodland Hills today. Asaiah and Audrey all of a sudden decided to get married and Master gave his permission. This aftermoon they went down to Dr. Brainard to get their blood tests done.  The infection between Nekona'a toes persists.



MARCH 20, 1957        

Mary had an emotional storm this AM" then apologized to Sister Helena. Dispensary was busy with minor cuts and scratches first aid.



MARCH 21, 1957        

Helena went to Dr. Kirby for a colonie and adjustment. Nekona went to Dr. Kovats for adjustment of her dentures. Sherry, Alice Cox, Linda Lee, Keela needed minor attention at Dispensary. Reyel had her operation the 19th and came home on 20th at 4PM. Both Reyel and Keela are in the Dispensary bed to recover. Their conditions are good. Helena gave Mary more enemas as Mary is still very constipated.



MARCH 22, 1957

Sister Edith had upset stomach. She said that she was going into town to see "her" doctor. She was encouraged to do so, but then she changed her mind. Sister Angelica went into to town for appointment with Dr. Kirby. Mary is still in bed but recovering from her cold & eating regular food. Sister Leta very tired tonight. I gave her a hot toddy at bedtime. Sisters Jane, Wally and Muriel went into L.A. today shopping. Dispensary was visited by: Linda Lee, Sherry, Edith, Debbie, Claude, Christi & Sharon for First Aid. I (Neria) took Angela into the Doctor also worked on Knitting, bookwork and making flowers.



MARCH 23, 1957

I was advised that Brother Samuel and Sister Bitzi will have to have their Blood tests repeated. (Particularly Bitzi. She will have to get a T.P.I. test done to prove that she doesn't have Syphilis.) The only place that can do that test is at U.C.L.A. Dept of Infectious diseases. Mary still resting in bed. Edith seems to have recovered from her upset. Joseph has a very heavy responsibility. He works on construction during the day, plus getting things prepared and packaged for the trip to Alaska and last night stayed up all night baking the bread. Richard Shanafelt's sprained wrist still bothers him. Babs needed more Nupercainal Ointment for her hemorrhoids today. She still has an ugly rash on her feet that is irritating. Suggested that she soak her feet in ice water and apply Bristamine Lotion. Brother Paul had her soaking in hot Epsom salts but this wasn't helping the rash .. If anything it was aggravating the rash. Babs finally let me dress the infected sore on her toe that she has had for 6 weeks.



MARCH 24, 1957        

Sister Nekona's toe wound still is not healing. Advised HQ that she was not to be on her feet for at least 24 hours I dressed the toe wound today and will do so again tomorrow. Vi & Eric Erickson visited with Reyel today. Mary went soliciting today. Audrey's finger is beginning to heal very well. I (Neria) in the morning went to U.C.L.A. with Samuel & Bitzi. There Bitzi had blood taken by Dr. Carpenter in the Infectious Diseases Dept .. He will run the T.P.I. test as soon as possible because Samuel & Bitzi are hoping to marry on March 29th. I went with the Solicitors this afternoon in the Reseda area.



MARCH 26, 1957

Sisters Helena & Angelica to the chiropractor Dr. Kirby. Jim Broiles checkup at the Dentist, teeth are ok now. Reyel taken to her 3 PM appointment in Ventura. Her throat looks good, condition very good. Keela has recovered very well from her fall and the cut scalp. She went along with Reyel on Ventura trip. I drove them and took along Aaron.



MARCH 27, 1957        

I (Neria) went with the group soliciting.  Nekona's foot has healed rapidly since keeping off it and letting me do the bandaging every day. Samuel & Bitzi's health certificate came through OK. Her T.P.I. test was negative/clear.



MARCH 28, 1957

Asaiah picked up two sets of wedding rings from Jeweler today in Ventura. Joseph & Charles both dropped something on their foot which required First Aid.



MARCH 29, 1957        

Asaiah & Audrey and Samuel & Bitzi were married at Noon by Brother Gene. Sisters Wally & Jane were the attendants. Reyel & Sherry were flower girls. There were many visitors and gifts for the couples. The San Fernando Paper was on hand to get a story and pictures. Asaiah & Audrey will have the little brown house. Samuel & Bitzi will live over at HQ.



MARCH 30, 1957        

Gary Murphey arrived for the remaining days of celebration. He is living in Visalia alone now. He moved out of the apartment that he and Bill Gregory had shared. Several of the children plus Charles & Joseph needed First Aid attention.  I woke up this AM with a heavy depressed feeling.



APRIL 23, 1957  

Solicitors in Oxnard today. Early in the AM Bob and Sam left the Fountain to get Sam's check cashed. Later about 11 am Sam returned without Bob and only a few dollars left from his paycheck.  I advised HQ to notify the kitchen, that when they make cottage cheese it should be served within 24 hours. Betty had been keeping it several days, and by that time the cheese was rotten. Mabel complained to Sister Helena that this morning just before she got up, she had chills and broke out in a cold sweat. Helena told her to remove the extra quilt from her bed and that she probably will feel fine.



APRIL 24, 1957


Solicitors out again today. First Aid for Shela, Jon, David W., Ezra, David S. & Joseph. Sister Helena didn't feel well. Her kidneys sluggish, & she feels that she needs to go to the chiropractor for a back adjustment.



APRIL 25, 1957

Sister Leta has sore throat & was excused from soliciting today. Dispensed some super anahistimine lozenges to her. David W. said that his wife will be ready about 9 AM to come to the Fountain. Now we must find out about transportation for her. Brothers Russell, Frank & Ezra worked in the automotive shop today. Russell has been allowed many privileges which other new brothers cannot have. Especially about cigarettes.. They wanted a pack to carry and couldn't understand why Russell was allowed to have some. They left the Fountain this AM. David S. & Sam are setting tile in the Women's Bathroom. Joseph has been up all night baking Bread. Sister Helena's back bones adjusted themselves as she was getting out of bed this AM. She said she feels much better .. no pain. Joseph & Rosemary visited this evening and stayed for dinner.



APRIL 26, 1957

I asked Gene S. at HQ whether my marriage records (the filed & recorded papers) had arrived since I had not received them. He hemmed and hawed.. He finally told me they had opened the letter and put it in my file. I told him that I didn't appreciate what they had done. I would have liked the courtesy of being notified that the papers had arrived. Sister Wally is very tense and tired from all the knitting and sewing she has been doing. I made an appointment at a nice spa in Van Nuys for her this afternoon. There she will have a nice steam bath and massage. (They donated their service.) After the session, Wally felt so much better and relaxed.



APRIL 27, 1957

Very warm day. Brother Joseph was very tired from baking all night, came up to dispensary for first aid and fell asleep for 45 minutes. He felt better and went to lunch. Don Smith, wife and three children visited and stayed for lunch. Sam is learning to play the piano from Sister Ethel. Leta complained of a cold and facial neuralgia. She was asked to take an enema but she refused. Dispensed some analgesic rub for her chest and throat.



APRIL 29, 1957

Jon Fisher (Audrey's son) taken to the optometrist for eye exam. It seems that his left eye doesn't function & that his right eye does all the work. Dr. suggested that Jon have his right eye patched and wear glasses. Dr. also suggested that since the visual training program would take some time, he didn't feel that he could afford to donate all his time. Advised that we take Jon to the L.A. college of Optometry, Dr. Waldon or Dr. Schapero. Took Brother Russell's glasses into David Leonard for mounting into metal frames. He has broken the old plastic frames he had. A young woman recently from Germany, is pregnant and has two other young children. Her husband is working in Oxnard. The Doctor has advised her to stay off of her feet as much as possible. Sister Bitzi met her while soliciting and told her about the Fountain. The family came to see if the children could be cared for in our nursery.


MAY 5, 1957

Jerry Goldberg arrived back at the Fountain from Alaska.  He signed release for all his possessions and left with his car.


MAY 12, 1957

Brother Arliss spent some time in the Dispensary today, resting and reading the Lecture on Reincarnation. Jerry Mordan from U.C.L.A. interviewed several Fountain members & asked questions regarding their personal life and the work in the Fountain. Grandma & Grandpa Baker visited today. Edith's Husband & Daughter visited. The Mothers were more harmonious today while working the Nursery than they have ever been. Christi took some group pictures of the Nursery children and the school children. Freddie Shanafelt is wheezy today, suggested that he go to bed without a snack but drinking a little sour kraut juice.



MAY 13, 1957

I (Neria) was up till 1 am writing letters to group in Alaska. At 8 AM Elesha had her regular appointment in Ventura for Physical Therapy. Jon Fisher at lO:30am went to the L.A. Eye Clinic of Dr. Walton for an eye exam. Joseph received verification that he would be going to Alaska on the next trip. He is tense getting things ready and anxious to get going to Alaska. He tries to be calm but his excitement shows through.



MAY 14, 1957

Bill Johnson (a drug company salesman) arrived at 10:30AM. He had lunch with Neria, Ethel, Anna & Nekona and enjoyed Sister Ethel playing the organ. He left at 2:30PM. 3:30pm Brother Joseph had Optometrist appointment for eye exam. Before returning to Fountain, we went to U.C.L.A. to pick up Brother Herbert. Sister Wally is having another weak spell. I dispensed some super multi vitamins. Helena feels very tired, has upset stomach and solar plexus pain. I sent her to bed to rest. Anna has a bad case of poison oak rash. I sprayed her rash with the new Rhulispray.



MAY 15, 1957

Elesha to Ventura for Physical Therapy. Lila & Bitzi went into Dr. Hass for their fillings. Audrey went to Optometrist for glasses. I picked up Brother Genes repaired briefcase while in town. There was no charge, as service was donated.  Helena went along for the ride to various appointments. Joseph needed first aid on his nose. He had received a scratch when he and Samuel were wrestling at HQ.



MAY 16. 1957

Asaiah got a bee sting while out soliciting. His foot and ankle were swollen. Tonight the dinner was terrible. Everything was cold and after eating small amount, several felt nauseated. I helped Joseph with his book work for about an hour. 11:30 PM Aaron slept with Neria. He had been feeling feverish and wanted to be near me.

Two young good looking girls visited the Fountain tonight: Kim and Sunny. Both said that they were actresses from Hollywood. (?)So they said.



MAY 17, 1957

Elesha to Ventura for Physical Therapy at the Clinic. While in Ventura, I (Neria) stopped at the Egg ranch and got a case of eggs. We also stopped at Roth's market for their donation of food and stopped at the Union Trucking company to look at a used truck and ask if they would donate it to the Fountain. Betty is now complaining about having arthritis or rheumatism. I again helped Joseph with bookwork for 2 hours. Arliss up to the Dispensary for 45 minutes to soak his feet & get first aid. While cutting fire break near Lennan's Brothers: David S., Joseph and Sam saw a rattle snake with 7 rattles on it. Russell is working on Burma Truck. David W. is baking bread. Asaiah is home today resting his foot & ankle and writing letters. 



May 22, 1957

Master called in the evening saying that about June 15th Brothers Samuel, Arliss, Joseph, Jim Broiles, Vern & Richard Shanafelt would leave for Homer Alaska in the Burma Truck & a trailer load of supplies.



May 23, 1957

David Smith is wearing shoes. He has been having so many accidents since he arrived, that shoes are necessary to keep him in action.  This evening the music dept. & members put on a program for the Moose Club in Sherman Oaks. About midnight Neria, Samuel & Joseph had a discussion.



MAY 24, 1957

Asaiah has been bothered with severe muscle cramps in his calves & legs. I dispensed calcium capsules to him for the problem. Helena is in the Dorm today, resting. Mary very tense this AM. I massaged her neck, shoulders & back. I (Neria) went with Brother Samuel to see a truck dealer about donating a new truck to the Fountain. Early evening, Wally & Erika went with Neria to U.C.L.A. to pick up Brother Herbert from school. We all had some ice cream on the way home.



MAY 25, 1957    

Joseph diligently working to get things ready for loading into the Burma truck .. in preparation for the Alaskan trip. Bitzi feels that she is getting a cold. I advised her to see H.Q. When I visited the Dorm, Bitzi was sewing. Keela is in a sullen mood today. Samuel, Arliss & Joseph went into Glendale to pick up the new trailer. I (Neria) drove down to the dairy to pick up some milk and to the frozen food locker to pickup some meat.



MAY 26, 1957    

Babs complained of rectal itching again. I dispensed some ointment to her. Sister Ethel received the donation of a used Halicrafter radio receiver and ear phones from a friend of Agnes. Reyel & Sharva are on a fruit diet for several meals. Neria & Arliss went on a service call into Simi Valley this evening.



MAY 27, 1957

Joseph went into town to get his new glasses and into see Dr. Kovats for dental impressions. Helena was up for awhile, but still very tired. Neria helped with the Valdez service this AM & later went on various missions in town.



MAY 28, 1957    

Joseph appointment with Dr. Kovats for bite registration. He was transported by Brother Samuel. Later in the evening Joseph had an argument with Sister Christi, ending with both of them going over to talk with Brother Gene S. at HQ. Bob Fuller visited the Fountain.



MAY 29, 1957    

Elesha to Ventura Clinic for Physical Therapy. Nekona went to Dr. Kovats for adjustment of her dentures. Vernon Fahey arrived at the Fountain from Long Beach about 9PM.  Audrey went to the Optometrist Dr. Brainard to pick up new glasses. She needs them for reading. Herbert finished his Examinations today at U.C.L.A. In the evening Brother David S. & I(Neria) drove into Hollywood to pick up Herbert at Dr. Rothmans' home and met a Dr. Vandorn. Joseph has severe rash on his ankles and tops of his feet from Poison oak. I sprayed the areas with special spray.



MAY 30, 1957

Bob Fuller still visiting the Fountain. He has edema. A new Sister Adaleine Morres arrived from Chicago with Dr. Rothman. Tonight the Fountain had six guests.



MAY 31, 1957    

I took Sister Babs to a Doctor at the Ventura Clinic, because of constant complaint of chest pain. Dr. gave her a shot & advised her that the pain has no serious etiology. Gene Moses went to Dr. Brainard MD for a physical exam. This was done as preparation for this visit to Grandmother. In addition to my other tasks, I worked on making flowers for 4 hours.



JUNE 1, 1957

From 5 PM to 1 AM the Fountain had an open house and benefit program. Buffet dinner from 5-8 PM with an entertainment program. Evening ended with an Auction of Fountain made pies and bread. There was some square dancing after the entertainment. Many friends attended the evening program. Wee Willy brought his music and did the calling. Brother Gene, Arlis and Neria fried chicken for the buffet.



JUNE 2, 1957 9:30 PM

Audrey, Neria & Aaron left the Fountain in the Dodge for Vista, to attend the funeral of Audrey's mother in the AM.  We stayed at my mother's house in Vista. On the trip, we ran into heavy fog at Long Beach and didn't arrive in Vista until about 3 AM.



JUNE 3, 1957

Solicitors out today. Joseph joined them for the first time. Last night he was battling his thoughts was depressed and was thinking about leaving the Fountain.



JUNE 4, 1957     

Audrey, Neria & Aaron arrived home from Vista about 1:30 PM. Temperatures were up to 105 degrees in the Valley. In Escondido, the day of the funeral, it was 115 degrees. Alice is feeling weak again. Dispensed vitamins to her. Christi has a rash under both arms. It is either from Poison Oak or an irritation from using deodorant after shaving. Adaline complained of constipation and was given sour kraut juice. Master arrived home from Alaska today by Plane about 2:30 PM. A general meeting was called at 8:30 PM.


 (Master Krishna)

“While the cats away the mice will play. I will be here for about 5 days. (Master said that most of the sisters had been acting like frustrated old maids, looking for attention  ... a lover ... etc etc.) Have you ever dug four foot into wet sand and have the shovel break? In Homer, Alaska the group had to stay in town for awhile. Things are at a standstill. You can't cultivate by hand. We need a tractor with half tracks. There is 4 1/2 miles of swamp, bottomless ... which has to be crossed to get to the homestead. Clearing must be done in the spring, just as the thaw begins. A ditch needs to be dug using dynamite. We need 2 tents, framework of cabin is going up. Since the planting season is over, we will need supply of food.  I had hoped that you would get into the spirit, stop playing around and get to work.  $3,100 is needed as down payment on Tractor & tracks.  Elvira is still trying to get money. For 12 years we should pay taxes & keep the land here in the Canyon. You can't take the zero weather in facilities we now have. For three years we have had a loosing battle.  We need another thousand dollars a month to survive and we need fuel.”



JUNE 5, 1957     

Soliciting in Burbank. Joseph had his upper teeth extracted and received his new denture to put in. Anna's glasses were adjusted. Later in the AM Joseph had to soak his ankle which is swollen from poison oak. I also gave him some Terramycin to fight the infection. Ethel & Herbert went with Neria into Burbank & to U.C.L.A. to pick up books and things of Herberts' from his locker. At midnight Jeroham arrived in the Fountain. He looked thin and tired but was overjoyed to see Master. Jeroham arrived in a '51 dark green Pontiac 2 door sedan. Master looked at Joseph's ankle and said that it would be alright.



JUNE 6, 1957

Soliciting today' in Burbank. Brother Joseph went along. About 1 PM he returned as his teeth were causing so much pain. His ankle is OK.  Jeroham, Arliss & Russell are working on the Burma truck. On the way home from Oxnard this morning I stopped at Barnes & Duff, where they donated 02 gas for our welding equipment. Both Mr. Barnes and Mr. Duff were very kind and interested in our project in Alaska.



JUNE 11, 1957

Joseph had appointment in Burbank with dentist, Dr. Kovats. Helena went to Lennan's for the day. Mrs. Lennan is ill and wanted someone to stay with her today until Mr. Lennan came home.



JUNE 12, 1957

Bitzi took out the Solicitors today, all by herself. Samuel is needed at the Fountain to prepare things for the trip to Alaska very soon. Arliss went to the oral surgeon to have his wisdom tooth extracted. Vernon left the Fountain today about 1 PM.



JUNE 13, 1957   

Sharva has an infected sore on his right foot. The sore almost heals but he lets foot area get dirty and infection starts up again. Helena complained of sore throat. She is still taking medication for the high blood pressure. David Smith has been made uncomfortable with a severe case of poison oak which has now spread to the genital area. He was given ointment and gauze to dress area each day .. Richard Shanafelt graduated from the 8th grade tonight in Simi Valley. Vernon called this evening and asked if he could return .. He couldn't understand why he left the Fountain. Roy Karlson called from Canada, stating that he had his sister and two brothers now with him. Master asked him to come visit the Fountain before He went back to Alaska. Mother Ruth called from Homer, Alaska stated that David Allen had left them and was returning to the Fountain in California.  Audrey is cutting stencils for lettering on the Burma and the trailer.



JUNE 14, 1957

Bitzi and small group of solicitors were in Burbank today. David Allen arrived tonight & needed something to calm his ulcer and nerves. Elesha to Ventura in AM for her physical therapy. Arliss had sutures removed at Dentists office. Richard Shanafelt had a dental exam which showed that he had no cavities. Joseph went to Dr. Kovats for final dental check-up. After his appointment, for some reason (?) he rebelled and rode all day with Bitzi in the car, wouldn't go soliciting. I (Neria) spent most of the afternoon and evening with Richard S. & Arliss driving around town trying to get some needed parts for the Burma truck. Jeroham got a letter from Patrice saying that she was not coming to the Fountain just now. Brother Vernon arrived home. Master told me when I arrived home, that he had Brother Joseph's clothes ready for him and that He was sending him out of the Fountain.



JUNE I5, 1957

Bitzi & crew soliciting in Burbank. I (Neria) nursing duties til 9 AM. Then I drove into Van Nuys, Canoga Park and Encino to find repair parts for Burma Truck and tires for the Ford sedan. 3-6PM I slept to get rid of splitting headache. David Allen is very quiet since he returned from Alaska. He is working very hard to get the Burma truck ready for its Alaska trip. Vernon is cutting pipe & welding frames on the trailer and on the Burma truck bed to hold canvas covers. Mary is now going out alone on procurement and is superior at it. Muriel got cramps in her legs tonight while dancing.  Claude thought he was helping by massaging her legs, but the more he rubbed the more she wanted.  I had Vernon and Claude carry her up to the Dormitory. I gave her two hot water bottles and got her comfortable in her bed.  Leta is covered with hives. She thinks that it is from eating strawberries. In the evening I filled the Burma Truck first aid box with supplies. Asaiah helped me carry it over to HQ where it will be ready to load up for the trip.  Master asked Joseph Burton to leave the Fountain.



JUNE 16, 1957   

Hot and windy today. Aaron went with Jeroham for about 30 minutes this morning to see the bee hives. Brothers are working to get the Burma loaded with supplies for Alaska.  Joseph arrived back at the Fountain just before lunch. He had to walk up the hill and developed two large blisters on his heels.  Joseph asked to return to the Fountain.  Said that “Outside” was no place for him.  David Allen required some of his ulcer medicine. A new negro brother arrived at Fountain, Brother Ronald. Bob Fuller came in the afternoon and stayed overnight. Alfred & a friend visited todqy. Joseph has gone to work with a renewed vigor & gentleness. His whole facial expression is not the smarty attitude but sincere. He really plunged into the loading of the Burma. (Brothers working on loading: Jeroham, Vernon, Jim, Ronald & David Allen.)



MKV Sunday Lecture:



“Father's day, Mother's day & Christmas Day are celebrated only one day a year! 52 days (Sundays) a year for Spiritual and the rest for Amen. Choir sang, "My Search". My search .. To find God: themselves, peace, harmony, success .. Pearl of great price..  Negative thoughts.  Where do they come from -- You are going along peacefully and out of nowhere something hits you Hard and turns you about and you stumble. You know when it hits .. But from where? Outside or within? Sender of Negative thoughts: Premeditates a plan, he knows what he is doing. "How do I upset this person?" A young man paints pictures and a girl who has a certain weakness, manifests the picture. He is serving Amen. Reciever of Negative thoughts: Will manifest the thought. You receive it but you haven't learned from where. You have many intelligences.  You have a basic intelligence which responds & receives assistance & strength from the sender. The Spiritual Intelligence doesn't want to respond to the negative thought and so confusion results. A Spiritual person can help by sending good thoughts & strengthening the Spiritual intelligence. When you are confused and know that you have not premeditated a plan .. it is not yours .. Then you know that you are the Receiver. It doesn't take a master-mind to figure out where the negativity is coming from! The sender will talk, cold, bitter, venom .. Recognize the negativity and say, "Get thee behind me Satan!” 


RE: Leaving the Fountain


People run away. The strong ones will find a way to return. The wolf will try to come a second time to get a sheep .. but the Wolf will be blocked! Amen is trying to build up the negative force.


RE: 144,000 Elect


Many of you have the feeling that if you are not one of the Elect, you are lost. You are not lost. The Elect are special experimenters. (The others are needed to work to help fulfill the plan of God.) They are the highest intellect, scientific and spiritual. It is upon them, that the plan of freedom is manifested on earth. They have the responsibility. The others will add their strength to the army of good. As long as you are helping.  If you are working for your own elevation .. you will not find it. All that you do by following Amen is deceive yourselves. Those who follow Amen will be chained, with no opportunity to grow spiritually or express. The truth shall be strong, Amen cannot prevail against it. In God they shall overcome Death. You cannot become one of the Elect, just because you want to. They are concerned only for the accomplishment of the plan. They have no concern for themselves. Be joyful and help support the Elect. Much work is to be done. The Boss is no more important than the coal miners. Both are important. Masters are doing all kinds of menial tasks. Yet spiritually they are Masters. The Masters will be among the supporters .. not the elect. The Elect will not be Masters. Masters are coordinating the supporters of Good.  Spirtual and Material Unity!!”




JUNE 17, 1957

[11:50 AM] Brothers Samuel, Arliss, Jim Broiles, Joseph Burton and Don Steffa left [prepare to leave] for Alaska.  Large group went out soliciting today: Bitzi, Asaiah, Mary, Christi, Lila, Babs. Also Joseph and Jeroham who have received their robes to wear. The Ford is getting a new rear end unit installed. When seal went out earlier, something burned out in the rear end.  David Allen is working on the Ford today. About noon Richard and Jim asked me what they could do about lettering of the Trailer.  Master wanted it done, but Audrey had gotten sick from the paint & had gone to bed.  I helped the brothers paint the trailer. About 4 PM the brothers quit, Audrey arrived to paint the lettering. We continued painting and lettering the Burma truck after dinner. Audrey stopped then and went to bed. (The smell of paint made her feel sick.).  I (Neria) with Babs, Arliss, Richard & Jim continued painting other parts of the Burma until about 9 AM on June 18th. Vonda Karlsson arrived at the Fountain from Canada. About 2am Don Steffa walked in to the Fountain. He had been drinking & was under the illusion that little men from the Vice Squad were after him. Master took over the situation and we got Don to take his medicine and few glasses of buttermilk.



JUNE 18, 1957

After working all night painting, I went over to HQ to have breakfast with Vonda & Don. There was no one to cook .. so I cooked breakfast for Vonda, Don, Asaiah and myself. About 11 AM Master called me into the living room and asked me how did I feel? I said fine. He then asked me to go to Glendale to pick up a radiator for the Burma. Master said that Samuel had too many things to do & that he couldn't go. Master gave me 50 $1.00 bills & 10 extra. He said do you want someone to go with you? I said Vonda had said that she would like to see some of the town & would like to go with me. (The Temps today were already very hot.) Don Steffa asked, What about my stuff in the Locker? Master said to me, Can you go into L.A. and pick up Don's box of things at the Bus depot? I said, yes. Then Don asked Master, "Why can't I go along? Please trust me, I'll be a good boy. So .. Master gave me another task for the trip. Don had to first stop at the Bus Station, then to the Examiner newspaper to pay a man $6. to get some photographic paper .. then stop at the Eastman to buy some photo supplies, the Dime store to buy some glasses. We didn't get home until about 6:30 PM. Brother Samuel to drive the Ford Sedan, Arliss to drive the Burma with Vernon as his co-pilot and brothers Joseph, Don, Richard S., Jim Broiles & Jeroham were all ready to leave on The Trip.  About 10 PM Master had all of them come into HQ. They had something to eat & cup of coffee. Master gave the smokers a new pipe & some smoking tobacco. At 11:50 PM the Caravan departed. It was a beautiful night. The twinkling of lights driving out the driveway & on their way down the hill and onto Alaska. It brought tears to the eyes.  Many of us were wishing we could be going also, but "it isn't time".



JUNE 19, 1957

Bob Fuller went back to his home in town. I took Jane, Audrey & Bitzi into see Dr. Tapia for their prenatal exams. (Gene S. & Asaiah went along also) The physical exam and serology testing was done today. Dispensary was busy today: David Smith has been complaining that his blood pressure is too low. Took his blood pressure laying down: 114/84. Christi had been bitten by some insect while soliciting & her ankle has been swollen for several days. She was sent to bed to rest with an ice bag applied to ankle, and she was given some Antihistamine medication. At HQ this evening at 10 PM, Master called a meeting of all the sisters (21 not including Sister Elvira who is still in Denver).


[Lecture by] Master to Women of Fountain -

“The women will have to take the place of the men around the Fountain now that we have a shortage of men. There is no difference between men & women .. only passion.  Know what your capacity for lifting is and apply yourselves. All systems of the body have learned to work together. Protect each other. Weaknesses of others must be protected. The projection of pictures, mental concepts will make you fall. Beware! They will be clever. The Confidential Magazine will be up to the Fountain to visit. Always wear pants, go in pairs. Watch your movements. Don't be suggestive. In your weak moments .. go to someone that is strong. Not someone who will listen to all of your complaints & let you go on in your weakness to be destroyed. Be simple .. sincere and honest but not bitter. Do everything in pairs. "BEWARE OF THE IDES OF MARCH: Erika is to stay away from Herbert. She is to continue to watch the children.”




JUNE 20, 1957   

Another hot day. I wrote a letter to Elzibah then rested in

the afternoon. There were the usual number of first aid cases at Dispensary.



JUNE 21, 1957

Elesha had appointment for physical therapy in Ventura. We got a late start because Russell had to fix the emergency brake on the Dodge before we could leave. Vonda had planned to go with us to see the ocean, but she started her menstrual period and couldn't go swimming.



JUNE 22, 1957

David Smith still treating his very delicate places of poison oak infection.



June 23, 1957

David Allen was put in charge of the automotive dept. by Master. Richard David arrived in the Fountain & had an audience with Master then he left. New negro brother George arrived at the Fountain. 


Today, Sunday at 3 PM Master Krishna gave the last Sunday lecture before leaving for Alaska -

“In a few short hours I leave for Alaska. It is like a Garden of Eden .. 1900 years ago .. Pioneers. Can't there be room for all beliefs within Christian concept? Get ye Wisdon, but above all get understanding. Vanity causes rebellion .. caused by dogma. We are all the same .. Why do we condemn? Why do we fight each other? Don't be a slave to the material things. Do what you do for the glory of God. The Prodigal son ... Cruel people around, won't believe that he has changed. "Is there no room at the Inn?" The man who has done all wrong, will have more compassion, tolerance for others. Hate is close to Love! I put the weak ones in a place of responsibility and they have proven themselves. Forget a past mistake of a brother or sister .. He always advances. You are so engrossed in your own desires that you loose your freedom. Now add to the list, one child, Sister Muriel who receives her sword! She has served in quiet, humbleness & with no complaint. She does Audrey's work, Gets out the Fountain paper "Skopia", takes charge of the visitors, does things in a Spiritual light. Her husband had cancer. Dogma of the church & prejudice filled her. Then her daughter married a colored man. She lost her husband and her daughter. But thru love she has grown and shown positiveness in the way that she works.”



11:00 PM Master Krishna left for Alaska, taking with him Sister Vonda.  They will fly together to Seattle where they will separate. Vonda will fly to Vancover, B.C. and Master will go on to Alaska. Plane leaves International Airport L.A. at .1:45 AM June 24th .. Arrives in Seattle 10 AM. Master should arrive in Alaska about 4 PM on June 24th. He took with him some new linen for the HQ in Homer and about 700 L.P. 45 rpm records & a phonograph player. Master said to me before he left, Neria you should write to me more often not just Elzibah. Then to all of us He said: If you aren't good, I won't come home the next time. The car pulled out with Asaiah driving the Pontiac with Gene & Jane S., and Bitzi accompanying. They only got to the bottom of the hill when Master asked if all his suitcases were in the car. They weren't someone had left the largest suitcase in His bedroom .. So they turned around (and got the luggage).



July 3, 1957

8am to 8:30pm Soliciting in Los Angeles, Burbank and San Fernando.  9pm to midnight worked on books.  Neria, Jon Fisher and Nekona spent most of the day in town.  Went to the LA College of Optometry – where we got Jon’s glasses; picked up another typewriter from repair shop; visited La Bon’s candy shop; Neria had a 3pm appointment at Kovats for exam; Nekona got her drivers license; and got her teeth adjusted at Dr. Kovats.  We picked up peanut butter at Laura Scudders; returned bushings Neria had bought for the Burma but were the wrong size, and got refund of $0.80.  There was a fire in the Santa Suzanna hills.  Bitzi met us at Dr Tapias office for her prenatal check; Audrey and Jane stayed at Fountain as there was only one car and it may be needed if the fire gets too close.  It is a very hot dry and windy day.



July 4, 1957

Gave to Bro Russell pair of brown clip on sun glasses; Neria cleaned the room today and did book work; all the group enjoyed having a picnic.  Mary and Asaiah ate out tonight and went to a movie.  106 degree heat, and the fire still out of control.



July 5, 1957

Elesha and Mrs. Valdez again to the Ventura Clinic.  Helena is using the sulamd drops in her eyes this week; Aaron hit Roger in the forehead and cut him.  6:30 appointment for Audrey and Jane at Dr Tapias – both of them are fine.  Walley has severe poison oak on her feet, disp. Rhulispray.  David Allen was disp. Some of the anti acid tabs for his ulcers.



July 6, 1957

Salt tabs disp. To the dining room.  Neria went to Pacoima to the dairy for milk.  Leta burned her arm with hot cereal, bandaged.  In the PM went after milk at Canoga Park Dairy, too Crombies some coffee cake.  They had us stay for a few minutes and we had some coffee and cheese sandwiches. Audrey wanted to get out for a while, so was taken along on the trip.  Adaleine decided that she was too ill to work, so went to bed from 12 noon on.  Spoke to Neria in the AM about her condition.  Said that she has two tumors, and female organs have dropped, has a hernia and land knows what all she thinks is ailing her.  Appt with the Dr next week.  Helena now taking new liquid vitamin: Gevrabon, by Ledrele.



July 7, 1957

Babs is bothered again by the hemorrhoids, disp. Ointment.  Rectal itching drives her mad.  We are having a little time getting Jon to put his glasses on, he forgets.  Today HQ asked me to go down to Canoga Park about 1:30 and pick up Sister Erma and then when she was ready to go home, I drove her downtown, with Aaron going along.  Sis Erma is very joyful to be able to visit again, and has learned many things since she has been out of the Fountain.  Linda Lee is under the complete care of Sister Babs now, it seems that she didn’t agree with Sis Nekona’s handling of Linda so Nekona made good her promise of several months, that Sister Babs could have the complete charge of Linda.  Babs rebelled and tried to get out of it, but Nekona stuck to it.  Linda spent Sunday with her mother in the nursery except for the time that she went to Sunday School.  Adaleine complaining of the muscles in her legs feeling swollen it is only that she isn’t accustomed to doing work.



July 8, 1957

Adaleine complained of sore muscles in right leg.



July 9, 1957

Alice, Helena, Wilbur went to have a physical examination by Dr Brainard MD.  Betty had an appointment with Dr Kirby for her back, also Muriel in the afternoon.  Adaleine appt with Tapia, for examination and he found that she was alright except for symptoms of menopause. Two new brothers arrived Major and Samuel; Asaiah and Neria took some produce to Pacific Lodge for Boys this evening and they have surplus items that we need very much.



July 10, 1957

Alice very weak today, was sent to bed for the day.  Sister Elvira arrived home.  During play practice Sis Christi received a bruise on her foot.  Helena was instructed by the Dr to take digitalis every other day.  Neria went into LA for the day.



July 11, 1957

Neria driving the two toned Studebaker went into LA on Drug procurement.  Rec’d donation of calcium and antihistamine, also a book called Physicians Desk reference.  Stopped to pick up Bro George and he returned to the Fountain.



July 12, 1957

Elesha went into Ventura for treatment, Neria drove to Ventura.  Betty had an appointment with Dr Kirby in the morning.  Evening wrote letters to Elzibah and Master.


July 13, 1957

Adaleine still complains of her “condition”, however there is no female trouble which is serious.  George complained of a sore throat, suggested that he stop smoking and gargle with hot salt water.


July 14, 1957

Adaleine “blew her top”, when she woke up this AM there was a mouse running around on her bed.  Neria cleaned in the Dispensary.



July 15, 1957

Lael, Reyel, Jesse, Jon, Keela all went to the Ventura Dental Clinic this AM.  Adaleine told Leta and Bro Gene off this morning, very indignant.  Seemed to be some question as too whether the water tank needed cleaning, so I walked up to the tank about 2:30pm to investigate, found that the tank didn’t need cleaning.



July 16, 1957

Babs in bed with “condition”, told Sis Jane that she wasn’t going to get up this morning because her organs were out of place.  Also moans and groans with the clicking pain in her chest.  Stayed in bed all day today.  Babs took Jolly Jay for the night.  Jane had a molar extracted by Dr Hass today.



July 17, 1957

Helena is taking liquid vitamins which seems to help her feel stronger.  Mothers took their children from 2nd grade down to the beach in the Squad car.  Were gone from 7-2pm.  Audrey, Adaleine, Babs, Jane, Bitzi went into Dr Tapis’s office tonight.  Audrey refused to accept the idea of having some injections of B12 to help overcome her Anemia, said that if we insisted that she would leave the Fountain.  Dr Davis recommended rectal surgery for Sis Babs.  Audrey and Jane and Asaiah all had a conversation this evening and it seems that Audrey has been holding in much resentment toward Asaiah, finding fault with him.  He asked her to please show him how to be what she wanted, but she stubbornly said she had tried enough and was all through.  Said if they had to live like Brother and Sister that she would rather live in the dormitory.



JULY 18, 1957

7-9 PM Audrey came up to the Dispensary to read some literature. She is showing good results from using the Vitamins and Iron shots. She seems more agreeable to follow the doctor's orders. I will take her into the clinic for complete Blood chemistry to determine the exact extent of her anemia. Mary procured a used truck. A large Reo, painted blue & yellow. Russell and David seem to think that it is a pretty good truck.



JULY 19, 1957

Claude & Elvira had their teeth repaired by Dr. Haas. I (Neria) and Ethel went on a service call to the Crombies'. This time Grandpa is feeling much better. I took Audrey to Dr. Tapia at 10 AM for CBC. New Brother Eddie arrived this evening. He had met Brother Wilbur in L.A. and wanted to get away from it all.



JULY 20, 1957   

Before lunch the new brother Eddie left the Fountain. I have had many ideas flying thru my mind. Wondering how to proceed to get photo copies made of important letters, pictures and newspaper articles. Someone must be very upset.  At the breakfast table I couldn't even sit down to eat. There was a very irritating vibration.  10:30 to 1 PM I cleaned the vegetable patio, sorted garbage and prepared a load for the truck to take to the pigs. 3:30 PM I loaded the Squad car with produce and with Aaron and Sharva we drove to the Pacific Boys Home where we delivered the food. The Squad car broke down before we left there. With the help of some of their tools we got it working again. We went on to Reseda to pick up some milk and then came on home. Visitors for dinner tonight .. Sunny & a girl friend visited & stayed over for the evening program. Bonnie and two of her friends, Pearl & Averill visited. Aaron went to the program and sat with Helena. Wally, Ethel & Mary spoke of the heavy thoughts they had been having ... so I guess I wasn't the only one feeling the pressure. Mary said that she had to stop beside the road this afternoon and rest.



JULY 21, 1957

Christi still is bothered by a rash under her arms. I gave her some sulfa powder to use. George left the Fountain early in the morning. I did some packing of things for Alaska trip. Audrey came up to the Nursery this AM, very quiet. Aaron went to Sunday school today and was very good. A new Sister Micheal arrived at Fountain. She appears to be about 18 years old.



JULY 22, 1957

I mailed letters to Elzibah & Master. Also sent some Father Divine [http://fdipmm.libertynet.org] papers to Elzibah. In early morning took Linda Lee, Sherry, Debbie and Gene Moses to Dental Clinic. Sister Babs went to Medical Clinic for exam of her rectal condition.  Mrs. Valdez went to Hospital and to speak with the Ventura Welfare Dept. Elesha went on the same trip to have her Physical Therapy treatment. Audrey is staying in bed.  Same problem .. She doesn't go to the laundry to work at all and the laundry had to be sent out for washing. Babs is also on rest .. No soliciting so that she can relax before her scheduled rectal surgery. All of the group on the trip to Ventura plus Anna, stopped at the beach to eat their sandwich lunch.



JULY 23, 1957   

Sister Wally is troubled with severe cramping in her hands again. The gasoline storage tank needs to be filled. Asaiah, Elvira, Bitzi, Christi, Lila and Neria went soliciting in North Hollywood and Sherman Oaks today. About 9 PM Asaiah, Elvira & Neria went to a movie, "Forbidden Planet". 



July 24, 1957      

12 to 1 AM I wrote letter to Elzibah then slept very soundly. Afternoon was HOT. Nursery children are mischievous. Keela has a dictatorial attitude toward younger children.  6 PM I (Neria) took Adaleine and Babs to San Fernando. Adaleine was examined by Dr. Tapia. She is losing weight .. 140#.  She was given medication for her vaginal infection. Dr. Davis operated on Sister Babs. He cauterized the rectal cysts which were infected and removed hemorrhoids.. all under local anesthesia. He advised that she receive daily rectal dilation. Packing to be removed in the AM. New appointment Friday July 26th for dilation by Dr. Tapia. Left for home about 9 PM .. On the way home we stopped for a Frostee. The brakes locked up. I called the Fountain. David & Russell came down to Reseda in the Squad car. David drove the Studebaker home.  I drove the Squad car home with Russell, Babs, Adaleine. Arrived home about 11:30 PM.



JULY25, 1957    

I (Neria) gave Audrey a shot of B12 about 10 AM, and gave Alice some medication for her anemia. Cleaned photographs from albums and put them into an envelope. Began packing the supplies and medicines for trip to Alaska until 11:30PM  Received a letter from Elzibah about plans for the future.



JULY 26, 1957   

8 AM Alice had another choking spell. Checked on her and sent her to bed to rest. 1 PM getting ready to leave for San Fernando where Babs and Alice have appointments with Dr. Tapia. I drove squad car but we only got as far as Chatsworth. Vehicle had run out of gasoline. Babs & I walked about 1 mile to a gas station where we called the Fountain. Jane S. & Russell came down. Jane took us on to the doctor's office and Russell took the Squad car back to the Fountain. Brothers David Allen, Sharva, Ronald, Herbert are cleaning out the outdoor theater area. They are getting it ready for the Carnival August 3rd. Babs is in good condition. Alice received treatment to help drain her sinus. Claude did a good job baking bread all by himself today. In the evening I (Neria) and Robbie in the Squad car took some Vegetables over to Pacific Lodge for Boys. In return we were given Flour, Cake mix, lard, dry milk and rice. Mrs. Glave & a friend were entertained at HQ for dinner tonight. (She is the head of Tarzana's Women's Club.) Letter from Mother Ruth was read at the dinner table. Vernon Fahey has left the Alaskan group. I worked on reports and books till midnight.



JULY 27, 1957   

Babs came up to the Dispensary for her daily rectal dilation. Operative area appears to be healing very well. Adaleine seems joyful & came in for her pills. Alice is to take it easy & rest to get her strength back. David Smith has been doing some nice carpentry work; he is doing well and has really settled down. Audrey had her shot of B12 this evening. Sisters Ethel, Christi, Babs, Bitzi & Jane went into Reseda with Bros. Asaiah, Gene & Claude to entertain at the Moose Lodge tonight. Lila & Elvira plan to make doughnuts for the snack after the Lecture tomorrow. Audrey is showing more energy and worked all day in the Laundry. We received news that Oil has been discovered on the Kenai Peninsula in the center of a Moose reservation. This may mean the area will develop more rapidly .. Highways, etc.  I wonder what effect this will have on the Alaskan Fountain.



JULY 29, 1957   

I drove Squad car to Ventura Hospital 5 AM (till 4 PM) Group for appointments: Erika, Elesha, Domeno, Thabah, Reyel, Aaron and Mrs. Valdez. Dr. England examined Thabah for possible hip malformation. Dr. ordered Hip Xray and appointment with orthopedic Clinic 8-5th. Domeno was examined for right infuinal hernia. Dr. was unable to produce the hernia at this time. He feels that surgical repair should be done. Reyel was examined by Dr. England. Her ear, nose & throat condition alright. Dr. feels that she will outgrow her nasal voice. He suggested that she have voice lessons & gave an Rx for Daily multi-vitamins capsules. Elesha had her Physical Therapy. Mrs. Valdez came along on this trip to Ventura for her therapy and to pick up her Welfare food order. We stopped on the way home at Big Tree Market so that she could get other groceries. It was a very hot afternoon in Simi Valley.



August 8, 1957 (continued)

Claude insists on eating the OLD pies that were suppose to go into the garbage. When Leta arrived home from her appointment with Dr., I asked her to lie down and rest for the balance of the day.  New children in the Nursery today .. June, Billy and Ray. Ray is an 8 month old baby .. Fat, pale, with large head and club foot. He cries a lot and has diarrhea. Elesha isn't doing much in the kitchen these days. She feels that she is Spiritual teacher & so spends most of her time doing "book work". The repaired Buick is supposed to return to the Fountain tomorrow night. Bill Johnson called and asked if we could pay something on the Drugs bill at Paul's. We decided to cut the Kinex in half, making the cost $150. In the evening I wrote letter to Mrs. Soklich & Tanya Leonchik. I can't understand why I haven't heard from Elzibah. Master called Sunday night so they must be back to Homer from the fireline. At bedtime I wrote a letter to Elzibah.



AUGUST 9, 1957

It was rumored that Master had arrived back from Alaska. Herbert, Bob & Mell are cutting firebreak. Russell is working on the cars. Babs came to the Dispensary for the rectal Dilation, Less painful this time. Alice complained that she is so weak and dizzy that she can't stand up. I told her to move more slowly & work through her emotions. She said that she couldn't do things slowly. I explained that Helena has learned to slow down & work with her body. Alice again said that she couldn't. I said that she had better or that her body wouldn't take care of her. It is up to her now. At dinner time, Master came over and had a serious talk with Audrey.  Quiet evening.  I continue to pack for the Alaska trip, with a prayer that the next moment I shall always do what is right. Several new members were interviewed at HQ.



AUGUST 10, 1957       

Master told Brother Mell that he must fulfill his obligations.  Mell is leaving this afternoon. Brother Irwin Harrison left with the Solicitors in the AM and went into town. Brother Bob remains, also sweet new sister Mildred. She is to be called Judith from now on. She loves the Fountain very much. Sister Helena and I spent all day and most of the night cleaning cupboards & arranging supplies. Master appeared suddenly about 1:30 PM and stayed till 5 PM. He asked me what I was going to do? I told Him that I wanted to do what was best for Elzibah's spiritual growth, that I realized that a woman could either be a great help or a great hindrance to a man. I realize that much depends on my choice .. My thoughts, concentration and preparation have been toward Alaska, I feel that I should fulfill this. Also, I feel no drawing toward the world and have no desire to express in it's Green (?) pastures! I dedicated my life into the service of God because of having been rescued from a very painful life I had experienced. I must continue to fulfill my promise to live for others & be strong for GOOD. I must gain an understanding of a Spiritual Love and become absorbed in a pure, true love. Master accepted my answer and said we shall leave by airplane on Thursday morning August 15th. Aaron, having been dedicated and ordained I cannot permit him to be taken out to a life of woe. This is my mission .. to fulfill & to maintain a steady balance on the solid foundation .. and to help Elzibah know that "God is Love".



AUGUST 11, 1957       

Today I will close this part of my diary. It has been a beautiful day, loving thoughts, warmth and harmony. Bitzi went into Ventura Hospital with Neria, Aaron and Domeno. Domeno was examlned by Dr Sprague for the hernia which popped out this AM.  But went back in before we could get to the Hospital. Erma stayed overnight and then went home this evening. Marjorie Moody, Bill Gregory and several other people attended Master's lecture. They plan to organize a Fount in Visalia, Calif. Aaron greeted Master after the lecture, hugged Him tightly and gave Him a kiss. I call Mom (Vera Lonneke) in Vista about 6 PM and asked her if she could come to visit before this coming Thursday. She will be up as soon as she can get away. Helena received her sword and entered into the Aaronic Priesthood today. She had worked in her robe with new symbol all morning and hadn't noticed the new symbol. At lunch Sister Wally made her sit at the Aaronic Priesthood table. Helena was puzzled at this. Finally Sister Wally announced that she wished to welcome a new Sister into the Priesthood Sister Helena was very surprised that Wally was talking about her. She was very Joyful. We all were glad for her. Her example of loyalty, strength and endurance is a monument to Krishna and could be followed by others who have weaknesses.


I love God - Good - Love

Aum een Aum een Aum een

The next section of my diary begins a New life "A love story to be continued"




AUGUST 14, 1957

I spent most of the night packing for the Alaska trip. 8 - 10 AM Spent writing letters and doing last minute things. At H.Q. just before leaving I (Neria) gave Sister Lila final paper reports for HQ office files. Sister Babs served coffee. Sister Helena walked over to HQ with me and Aaron from the Dispensary. There was small group to see us off. (Russell McCaulou, Ethel, Leta, Elesha, Lila, Anna, Sharva, Freddy, Robby & Brother Bob (BigBen)).  Master, Sister Jane S., Nekona, Bitzi & Bishop Gene went into town in the Pontiac. Master gave me directions to the Airport: "Drive the Blue & Gold Chevy to the International Airport, go to passenger entrance, go on Sepulveda Ave to the big sign to the left, park near the passenger entrance. Bring the purses and things we will carry on the plane. (We also carried on a cage containing live skunk, "Suzy" She had been de-scented).  Just 2 hours before take off time, I (Neria) drove the Chevy with Audrey, Aaron, Sherry & Rey-el to the International Airport where we were to meet Master and his party. Asaiah & Elvira were out on procurement & were to meet us all there. We all met about midnight.



AUGUST 15, 1957.      

Take off time 1:30 AM. We traveled at 17,000 feet all the way to Portland. Sister Audrey talked with Master the first hour. Sherry & Reyel were thrilled to learn that they were going to Alaska at the last minute. I took Aaron to the toilet but because of the noise and vibration he wouldn't go. 6:15 AM Arrived in Seattle. Roy and Vonda Karlsson met us at the Airport. 6:30 AM we all had breakfast together at the Airport Cafe. 7:00 AM We are all in the waiting room. Audrey & I took "suzy" & her cage into the Nursery room off the Women's lounge to clean her cage as it was beginning to smell. 8:30 AM Flight 5, Gate 8 Changed later to Gate 6 .. Left Seattle in a fog . Plane flew above the clouds and sunlight was clear. Beautiful snow on the mountain peaks. Aaron didn't much complain about the safety belt this trip. During the first part of the trip he didn't want to be fastened into the seat. About 11 AM Alaska time (2 PM Calif. time) we were served a meal on plastic dishes on a tray.  All of a sudden Master said, "Neria I see that you believe in modern ways of child raising. You let Aaron do as he pleases."  (My reaction. Whamo, Rebellious & confused thoughts. It took me about 15 minutes to balance myself.) Master looked over my way & I said Thank you. He said, "Did you sleep?" I replied, Yes, I guess I did. The rest rooms on the United plane are up by the motors. On the PNA plane they are in the tail end. Bright sunshine, flying above solid clouds, snow is white and dazzling. Arrived in Anchorage at 12:15 PM, we will leave for Homer about 3 PM.


2 PM Audrey took the children for a walk. Master rested, I sat close by and knitted on some mittens. In the terminal was a cute little native boy about 6 yrs old and a girl about 4 yrs old with their mother, They were going to Fairbanks.  While I was writing notes about the trip, the airplane intercom system played Hawaiian Music! The children are playing with balloons.  We arrived at Homer Airport at 5 PM. Priest Samuel & Brother Joseph came to pick us up. Also Helen, Nikki & Leila Ruth were there. The WKFL HQ house in town is in the center of Homer, a square wooden frame house. (Master rented from J.C. Reynolds) It is easy to loose all sense of time .. with no clocks and I have no wrist watch. At 12 noon the sun, it's angle and the shadow is as if it’s about 5 PM in California. Samuel, Master, Nikki went after Mother Ruth who was at the laundry. They got a part for the Ford Tractor & brought groceries. Nikki made meat balls, tomato sauce, spaghetti for dinner. Sister Helen is in town for a couple days to have a little rest. Richard S., Leila Ruth & Nikki are the only children in town. Tom Boblick, Val Dorm, Verginia, Arliss & Jim Broiles are out at the homestead.  The house HQ in town has only two small bedrooms. It was decided that Aaron, Sherry, Audrey, Neria & Helen would sleep at a cabin at LaFon's Logtel on Bartlett Street about 1/2 mile from the HQ house.


I got an upper bunk, Aaron slept on the floor. The coverings on the bunks were Mexican Serapes’. The weather feels hot to me. At the house, I and Helen cleaned up the kitchen & dirty dishes. Sister Ruth V. looks wonderful but has had so many chores, it is good that she will have some help now that Audrey & I are here. The air here is moist and the general appearance is like Michigan or Wisconsin.  Brother Joseph drove Helen & Audrey down to the cabin with the baggage while I stayed at HQ to finish cleaning the kitchen and talk to Master a few minutes. Aaron slept in a nice little crib in the house bedroom with Reyel, Nikki and Leila Ruth. Later Joseph drove Neria & Sherry with the rest of the baggage to the cabin at LaFon's.



AUGUST 16, 1957

Friday AM. Up and dressed. I washed a few things that Aaron had worn on the plane by hand. Then we all walked over to the house taking a short cut through the woods. You walk along on soft vegetation which resembles sponge rubber, very springy. There were large green ferns, flowers, vines, etc in the woods. Very fresh Green odors. It is now 1 PM Sister Helen made jelly out of the wild elderberries. Tastes good, much like apple jelly but looks more the color of cherry jelly. Samuel & Nikki are writing letters. Mother Ruth is having fun being mother to Aaron. She presently is combing & brushing his hair. Because all this is so much of a change, I could spend all my time writing notes but .. there is much work to be done. Master, Joseph & Samuel with the Ford Tractor went up the beach to the homestead about 5:30 PM. We can flush the toilets only twice a day because there is a water shortage. The children are doing fine. In the afternoon Audrey ironed, I mended and Richard fixed the Radio receiver .. It had several loose connections. 7 PM Dinner: Beans, turnip greens, cheese, cauliflower & raw turnips. Mother Ruth, Helen, Audrey, Neria, Nikki, Richard S., Sherry, Reyel, Leila Ruth & Aaron sat together for dinner. We had a surprise .. Tapioca pudding for dessert. 11:30 PM Went to the cabin. Tonight Aaron & Sherry are sleeping on the floor. The water here in Homer has lots of iron in it.



AUGUST 17, 1957

About 1 PM,I (Neria) driving the '54 Ford with Audrey, Helen, Sherry & Aaron arrived at the house. Master & group there were eating breakfast. Samuel & Joseph went in the Burma truck and got a load of lumber for the homestead. Audrey ironed clothes, I (Neria) mended. The water here has much iron, but is soft. Evening Samuel, Joseph & Helen prepared to travel up the beach to Homestead, but Master said, "I don't feel that it is good to go tonight." Joseph & Richard S. went to the cabin to get showers. Evening spent reading, I mended, Audrey took a nap and the children played cards. Master answered questions and gave wisdom. I finished knitting Richard's socks.



AUGUST 18, 1957

From about 1 AM until 5 AM, Master, Joseph, Samuel, Richard and Audrey played Canasta. 9:30AM Neria, Helen, Aaron, Sherry went up to the house from the cabin for breakfast. Samuel, Joseph and Helen went on the Burma headed up the beach. It began to rain. I took breakfast for Audrey back to the cabin. She and I wrote letters to the sound of rain drops on the roof. I (Neria) cooked dinner this evening, Audrey combed the children's hair. Then she and I with the 3 girls cleaned up the kitchen.



AUGUST 19, 11 957

Cool wind blowing off the Bay this morning. Audrey combed the children's hair and laundry is ready to go to the laundromat. Mother Ruth, Audrey & I (Neria) left for the laundromat about 2:30PM. Mother Ruth introduced us to the owner Winnie Dufour. Audrey & I did the laundry. When we got home, Audrey hung up all the wet laundry. At Noon Samuel and Joseph went up the beach to repair the Burma that had broken down on the last trip up to the homestead. The fuel pump and oil pump had failed. About 5 PM I (Neria) drive Mother Ruth to the Grocery store with Richard S. & Aaron. We got supplies and returned home. I & Richard carried supplies into the basement, put frozen food in the freezer. I made little meatballs for "Suzy" (the little skunk). She now has a nice cage that Samuel built for her. Nikki fried pork chops for dinner. Reyel, Sherry, Leila Ruth, are sleeping. Master is reading & phonograph records are playing. While at the store today I met Bob Norman (he is the editor of the local newspaper).  The newspaper this week mentioned the up coming Homer Fair and that on two nights the Fountain will provide the entertainment.  Seems quiet tonight. When I opened the sewing machine, I discovered that the electrical cord on the foot control was broken. Master fixed it. I borrowed Richard's knife that has flat screwdriver blade on it and went out to tighten the screws on the rear view mirror on the Ford. The screws were Phillips so I had to go back inside house and got Master's Phillips driver. After fixing the mirror on the Ford, I finished my letter to Ruth Schneider. Sister Audrey is reading “The Prophet” by Kahil Gibran. Samuel & Joseph arrived home about midnight from the homestead. Master had Mother Ruth fix them a drink. They hadn't been able to fix the Burma, the fittings didn't work. They were able to help someone else who had a broken down truck. Nikki & Ruth fixed them dinner. Late in the evening there was a philosophical discussion.



AUGUST 20, 1957       

About 2:30 AM Audrey, I (Neria), Sherry & Aaron went down to the cabin. At noon, I washed out Aaron's PJ's and panties. 2 PM went to the house from the cabin. Samuel & Joseph had just gone out on the Ford Tractor to fix the Burma. I drove Nikki & Mother Ruth to the grocery, to school to register the children, and to Dry cleaners. For lunch we had Macaroni & cheese, tomatoes and raw turnips. It was raining all day long. Nikki baked a cake. Audrey wrote a letter to Asaiah. I finished mending clothes on the sewing machine. In the evening, Master, Audrey, Richard played Canasta. Children are all asleep.



AUGUST 21, 1957

1:30 AM Wednesday Mother Ruth packing boxes. The Canasta game going on while waiting for the brothers. 5 AM No brothers so far. Audrey laid down. Richard, Neria, mother Ruth & Master had some food. Master & Richard went to the end of the road to see if the brothers were there. They returned alone and found the clothes line broken and all the clothes were in the mud. Raining very hard now. I got few hours sleep. At 3:15 PM Master & Nikki packed and went to the end of the road (near Middleton's) to walk on up the beach to meet the brothers. 4:15 PM The Burma truck & Ford tractor arrived with Samuel, Joseph, Verginia & Paul. They all were very wet but OK. Samuel gassed up the tractor and after a cup of coffee will go to get Nikki and Master. They missed meeting each other. Thankfully they all arrived home, late & wet but all ok. I (Neria) drove Mother Ruth, Leila Ruth, Reyel to visit Dr. Fenger. Leila Ruth weighs 44 lbs. Reyel 58 lbs. When we stopped to deliver a gift to Reyel's friend, Marilyn Jones, the water hose on the Ford broke. Mother Ruth used Jones's telephone and called three places to get new hose. AI's garage said that they would be open for 1/2 hour. Mr. Jones repaired the water hose with tape so that we could get to AI's. Man at AI's was very friendly & asked about our robes and bare feet. His name was Gordon Ryeburg, the district man for Standard Oil Co. AI's didn't have the correct sized hose. His friend who owns a station down the road (Cooper's) went in his car and got the correct size hose & put it on for us. He only charges us $2.59 for everything. Shortly after we got home. Master & Nikki arrived with Samuel & Joseph. All of them Very wet.  I (Neria) fixed supper: Meat balls, Mashed potatoes, salad, raw carrots & hot biscuits. Philosophical discussion followed the meal.



AUGUST 22, 1957       

1 AM I read Sister Ethel's song, "When the Ice worms Nest again".  The brothers have accomplished the following in traveling the Beach:


1. Made three trips up the beach to the homestead within the time of one tide.

2. Traveled the beach at night.


2:30 AM Verginia slept in the basement of house. Paul & Richard slept in the little trailer at LaFon's. Audrey, Neria, Sherry and Aaron slept at the Cabin.   12 Noon Nikki is fixing brunch. Paul playing guitar, Samuel went to get raw hide shoe strings for Joseph. Verginia still sleeping. 12 Noon Brunch: Scrambled eggs, sausage & Biscuit or potatoes. About 2 PM Verginia & Audrey went to the cabin to do hand washing, ironing, mending & cleaning up the cabin. (Verginia took a shower)  Joseph working on the Burma. John Child, his wife & children visited for several hours. It is still raining. I went to hardware store to get curtain rod fixtures and screws. Master, Mother Ruth, Nikki & Samuel went to the airport to pick up Sister Vonda & her brother Roy Karlsson who just arrived from Canada. Paul stayed until Samuel returned with the luggage. Master took the Karlssons for a drive around homer. Neria went to the drugstore to ask the druggist (who is also a Vet) about Suzy and her condition of diarrhea. He gave me a RX for her and said to feed her only skim milk. I also bought a flashlight bulb & 3 picture post cards. Nikki fixed dinner. Paul made biscuits. I (Neria) scrubbed the children's room, put down a braided rug and put up the curtain rod hardware. Paul, Audrey & Verginia practiced for the Homer Fair entertain­ment. Everyone ate and mail was handed out. I received a letter from Elzibah, one from my father Paul Lonneke and the letter that I had written to Tanya was returned because of a wrong address. Nikki & Verginia did the dishes. About 11:30PM Practice was over. Master gave wisdom RE: Hunting and what to do if you were faced by a bear. Sleeping arrangements at La Fon's Cabin #1: Paul, Richard & Roy K. Cabin #6: Vonda, Audrey, Neria, Aaron & Sherry. All to bed about 2 AM.  I discovered that Verginia doesn't want Brother Joseph to be around when they give program for the Fair. She said that he distracts her when she is trying to sing. Audrey & Verginia spent afternoon at the Cabin working and when Paul arrived they all practiced on the songs.



AUGUST 23, 1957       

10:30 AM Most of us in #6 were awake, Vonda made some coffee and Sherry & Aaron went outside to play. 11:15am Audrey awoke. I swept the cabin and wrote letters. 12 noon we arrived up at the house. Joseph & Samuel had gone to Rosi's Garage to get parts for the Burma truck. Paul & Nikki prepared breakfast: Scrambled egg, spam and cream of wheat. Samuel & Joseph went back to Rosi's to work on the Burma. The oil line to rocker arm broken, also master cylinder kit is needed. About 3 PM Master, Mother Ruth, Nikki, Vonda, Neria & Roy went to the Fair grounds. We entered a rug and a child's dress in a Fair contest. Master bought raffle tickets but a little boy won the raffle. There was a demonstration of an Electric knitting machine. Vonda & I were in the Nail pounding contest. I was 3 nails ahead and my wrist gave out. I came in third, and could hardly raise my arm it was so weak and I had no grip. Verginia with the girls did the dishes. Audrey did the ironing and the children had a nap. Samuel was at the house when Tony & Lennart Karlsson arrived in Homer. All the Karlssons from Canada have now arrived at the Fountain. Joyful greeting .. 7:45 PM Whole group went to the Homer Fair. 2 Buick stationwagons and the Ford. The program was good and well accepted. On the way home Joseph went on ahead. The Ford, with me (Neria) driving got stuck when turning around. Master got it out with the help of Mr. Wyatt, Richard, Smitty and Neria pushing. Master driving the Buick went ahead and I followed on home.  9:30 PM group arrived home. Phonograph was playing and new arrivals getting acquainted. Master & Paul talked over the building plans for Venta.



AUGUST 24, 1957       

About 3 AM we went to the Cabins to bed. I mailed a letter to Elzibah on the way. Cabin #6 occupants the same. Cabin #1 has the three Karlsson boys and in the Trailer are Paul & Richard. I got up at 9:30 AM and wrote letters. 11 AM Breakfast. Irritable vibrations today, warning not to accept the thoughts. After breakfast, Samuel & Joseph went to Rosi's garage to work on the Ford Tractor. I (Neria) & Verginia set about cleaning the living room. Audrey combed the children's hair. Master dressed in coveralls went outside to supervise Paul, Thonne, Roy, & Lennart who were putting up a new clothes line at the side of the house. Jeroham arrived with a letter to me (Neria) from Elzibah. He wants me and Aaron to come immediately to Matt Maddox's house. My first thought was, NO. I told Jeroham that I was sorry but I hoped that Elzibah would come in person. If possible maybe he would come into town Sunday about noon and we could go down to the Cabin and have a discussion. I didn't wish to fall into the Hell Elzibah was held by! (There was no further comment from Jeroham. He was Very cold.) Samuel build a tool box for the Burma truck & Paul painted it. About 6:30 PM Master received a call from Jim Scott who needed some brothers on another fire. This time at King Salmon. Master & 6 brothers left for the fire. (Samuel, Joseph, Roy, Thonne, Paul, Roy & Lennart.) They were flown into the fire about 10 PM. (They left immediately after we put on the evening entertainment at the Homer Fair.) The woman in charge of the Pfaff demonstration made a badge embroidered by the machine for Verginia. She gave a hand crocheted apron to Mother Ruth, and it won first prize at the Fair. In the evening the school aged girls played phonograph and danced and ate some ice cream. I fixed some of the chairs and cupboard hinges, also put up fixtures for the curtains. Verginia this afternoon put up a small towel rack for the children and one for Master. I wrote to Dr. Tapia about 2 AM.



AUGUST 25. 1957       

Light intermittent showers today.  10 AM up and dressed & went to HQ house. About noon I drove Mother Ruth to Grocery store, then stopped at LaFon's. They were not available so Mother Ruth left a note. We went on up to the Fair Grounds to see if we could start the '57 Buick. (It wouldn't start last night & we had to leave it behind.) Even though the gas gauge registered 1/4 full it wouldn't start. We returned to HQ and got a gas can with about 3 gallons of gasoline. After two attempts the Buick started. I drove it out of the Fair grounds for several blocks. Walked back and drove the Ford with Mother Ruth & Aaron to LaFon's. Then I walked back to the Buick, picked up Mother Ruth & Aaron at LaFon's and came on home to HQ. Ruth, Aaron and I (Neria) ate breakfast about 2 PM. Early this AM, We had also made a trip to see Guy Rosi at his home, but he was going hunting. He said that he would stop by the house this afternoon to look at the Buick. Our little "Suzy" (the baby skunk) is eating more now, but rectum seems to protrude and oozes blood today. I sprayed her with a powder. She enjoys digging into her box of dirt. Her cage has a little wooden house with a nest made of rags where she curls up and sleeps during the daytime. She seems to be more active at night. 8 PM Audrey fixed dinner: Sauer Kraut, wieners and fresh tomatoes. (The tomatoes were brought to us by Carl Baier, and were a first prize winner at the Fair.) Mr. Wyant is a dairyman. Mother Ruth read from Matthew 5,6,7 & 8 then we sang for 1/2 hour. Audrey & Verginia read from the "Prophet", while Vonda got the children ready for bed. I (Neria) wrote letters to the Fountain & Bishop Jane in California.



AUGUST 26, 1957 (6KV)     

9 AM Breakfast   Monday Audrey is doing the Laundry. Sherry went out to play with a little girl friend. Nikki went to cabin to take a shower and shampoo her hair. I and Verginia cleaned out the basement of the House. About 2:45 PM brothers arrived home from the fire line. Joseph driving the Burma & Samuel driving the Tractor with some brothers went out after some barrels of gasoline, then went to the beach to pick up coal. Nice supply of coal now rests in the shed. Audrey hung out the wash on the new clothes lines. Vonda took care of the children today. Took little Suzy to see the Vet. In the evening Master & Samuel went to Jim Scott's (he is the Forestry Service man). They took to him the Fire line time slips. Late in the evening Master, Samuel & Joseph played Canasta.



AUGUST 27, 1957 (6KV)     

It rained most of the day. I & Verginia cleaned out the basement again. Priest Samuel, Paul and Brother Richard put the metal half tracks onto the Ford tractor. Vonda is doing a very good job caring for the children. Audrey did laundry. Brothers went to the beach again today for coal. Brothers Roy & Thonnie & Lenn made a larger woodshed on the side of the house. Verginia washed the windows inside & outside the house. 9-11:30 PM Master asked each one, "Why are you with me?" After each one gave their answer, Master gave them a deep Spiritual analysis of their path of progression. Later Master, Samuel & Joseph played Canasta before bedtime.



AUGUST 28, 1957

7:30 AM Up and ate breakfast. Verginia & I finished cleaning the basement. Paul cleaned the Korean boots of the brothers who travel the beach. After breakfast, Priest Samuel, Joseph & Lenn took the Burma to help a man that was stuck in his truck near Olsen Mountain. About 5 PM Master with Priest Paul went with the Tractor to see what the brothers were doing, since they hadn't sent word nor had they returned from the service call to Olsen Mountain. Mother Ruth & I (Neria) visited the Jones' and then stopped at AI's garage to get a new water hose for the Ford. While we were there we saw Elzibah & Jeroham, but they didn't speak.  Audrey & Vonda with the children, spent most of the day at the cabin at LaFon's ironing clothes. I received letters from Sister Ethel & Helena.



AUGUST 29, 1957       

1:30 AM Master & brothers with heavy equipment still not heard from. 9:00 AM Master, Paul, Joseph, Samuel & Lenn arrived home from the all night effort to get several trucks out of the thick mud on Olsen Mountain. Master had hurt his knee. All the brothers went to bed after breakfast. I (Neria) played with Suzy for awhile. Then I took Audrey & Aaron down to the Cabin. Vonda and the girls walked down to the cabin about 10 AM.  Audrey ironed clothes. I took Nikki to the grocery store. Verginia washed curtains. In the afternoon I mended clothes on the sewing machine. 5:30PM Samuel drove up to the house with freshly ironed clothes. About 8 PM a trip brought Audrey, Vonda and the girls up to the house, also Thonnie. Next trip to house brought Roy, Lenn & Roy. (Brothers Thonnie & Roy had chopped wood all afternoon.) 9 PM Mother Ruth fixed a nice roast for dinner.



AUGUST 30, 1957       

Children had appointment with Dr. Miller the Dentist. Nikki: Had no cavities. Dr. will notify us when she can come to have cleaning. Val Dorm: Had 2 teeth extracted. Leila Ruth had 1 tooth filled.  Dr. Miller the-Dentist is from Spenard, Alaska. He doesn't believe in drinking milk.



AUGUST 31, 1957       

Sunday It is raining. Lumber is being unloaded at the Homer spit dock. Brothers plan to go up the beach to homestead in the AM. I wrote a letter to Elzibah this evening.


SEPTEMBER 1, 1957  

Raining ... Activities started in AM 5:30. Joseph & Samuel went into Rosi's garage to see about getting something fixed on the Burma truck. Rosi wasn't at his shop. About 10 AM I took Aaron, Vonda, Audrey and the girls down to the cabin. I PM Mrs. LaFon came over with clean linens and asked if I would stop at her cabin before I left. When I stopped about 1:30 PM with Aaron, Elzibah was there. He greeted us & we talked till about 4 PM. I drove Elzibah to the Elk's Building on the Homer Spit road where we talked for about 30 minutes and then he left. He walked on to Matt Maddox home where he & Jeroham are staying. I drove back to HQ house arriving at the same time as Master & Mother Ruth. I talked privately with Master about Elzibah. I drove down to Cabin #6 to pick up the girls and the ironed clothes. This evening, Master read first few chapters of His book on Reincarnation. Audrey cleaned Suzy's cage and fed her. Suzy's condition has improved. By midnight everyone had gone to their quarters for the night.



SEPTEMBER 2, 1957  

6:30 AM Samuel & Joseph left on trip up the beach with tractor & Burma truck. Hopefully Burma is repaired OK. Audrey did the laundry. The children attended 1/2 day of school. Rained off and on all day, with a Rainbow in the afternoon. Elzibah passes by on the road and stopped for a minute at the driveway. Roy, Verginia & I walked down & talked to him. He seemed in a good mood. [Jeroham & Elzibah had left the Fount after returning from the last large fire line work.]



SEPTMBER 4, 1957     (6KV)

Rained again today. Audrey ironed clothes. I cleaned the basement of HQ house. Verginia & Vonda cleaned the kitchen & scrubbed down walls. 6 PM the brothers returned from the homestead trip. Paul worked on the building plans for the homestead.



SEPTEMBER 5, 1957  

Priest Paul made biscuit mix. Audrey, Mother Ruth and I (Neria) got the children ready for school. Then I drove Leila Ruth, Sherry & Reye to school. On return trip I picked up Lenn, Roy, Thonnie and Vonda from LaFon's. Audrey & I prepared breakfast. Vonda did the dishes. Sister Verginia & Brother Thonnie also Sister Vonda scrubbed the living room walls and the floor. I sorted Priest Samuel and Brother Joseph's clothing. The brothers changed the oil in the tractor.  All of us went outside to push the Burma truck out of the muddy ruts in the driveway where it had gotten stuck. Joseph & Roy took it to Rosi's garage. Priest Paul & Brother Thonnie want on service call to help Mrs. Walli. Audrey ironed clothes in Cabin #6. Raining again today. I & Brother Lenn put away groceries and supplies in the basement of the Homer HQ. Later I saw Elzibah & Jeroham walking by from the Post Office going to Maddox house. A man came from a Seattle Warehouse and talked with Master Krishna. In the evening Master, Joseph, Samuel, Lenn & Roy went up to the homestead with groceries. They will bring Tom back into town. Audrey & I fixed dinner. 11:30 PM Vonda, Audrey, Paul & Thonnie walked down to the Cabins. Mother Ruth worked on books. Verginia read a book & then went to bed about midnight.



SEPTEMBER 6, 1957  

I (Neria) worked at recovering the green couch in the living room. I also cleaned Suzy's cage. Aaron slept on the couch. Sherry stayed in the bedroom bunk. Most of us went to sleep about 1:30 AM.  Master and brothers arrived home from the homestead about 3:45 AM. I fixed breakfast, also washed Samuel's feet and put some Band-Aids on for him. Aaron & Joseph slept on the couch in the living room.



SEPTEMBER 6, 1957  

7:30 AM I woke Verginia and school children up. Audrey did the laundry at Dufore Laundromat, stopped at LaFon's and took a shower & had a shampoo. Vonda took the children for the afternoon to the Cabin to study and play. Evening some of the group went to the Bayside Lounge to put on a program. (Master, Mother Ruth, Verginia, Audrey, Paul, Samuel and Joseph, Tom, Val-Dorm, Richard, Vonda, Reyel & Sherry went to the movies before putting on the program.)



SEPTEMBER 8, 1957  

3:30 AM Master & group arrived home from the program at the Bayside Lounge. The program was successful. Priest Paul with help from me (Neria) fixed them a pancake breakfast with eggs & bacon. By 6 AM most of the night workers were asleep in bed.


11 AM Elzibah came to Cabin #6 shouting threats to Sister Neria (me) and threatened to take Aaron if I didn't go with him. While I was talking to him in the car parked in front of the cabin, Elzibah struck me several times in the face with his fists. I ran into the cabin and locked the door. At 12 noon, I drove with Aaron and the girls up the HQ house. I spoke with Master and told Him what Elzibah had said and done. Master said, "Well that is all". "You have been following this pattern long enough. Hang onto Aaron." 2 PM Master and Samuel on the Tractor, Mabel Winnerstein & Verginia on Mabel's tractor (a John Deere), Joseph, Thonnie & Paul in the Burma Truck all went up to the homestead. In the afternoon 2 men from the Elk's Lodge came to the HQ house to see if we would put on a program for them.




At 3 AM Master, Samuel & Joseph returned from the homestead. I fixed food for them: Sauerkraut, wieners, lima beans, bread, butter & coffee. 7:30 AM Breakfast for the children and then "OFF" to school. Another rainy day. Samuel & Joseph in the Burma truck went to the lumber yard for a load. About 9 AM Master, Mother Ruth & Samuel & Joseph left for the Homestead. At 10:30 AM Mother Ruth arrived back at the house walking by herself. The Burma truck had missed curve on the road & had gone into the ditch. Master was shaken up, but no one was badly hurt. Joseph came into AI's garage to get the wrecker, to pull the Burma out of the ditch. (Cost $20.00)          I drove Mother Ruth on errands: Hardware store, Homer Electric, Telephone Company, Dry Cleaners, LaFon's. (Mrs. LaFon mentioned something to Mother Ruth about the commotion Sunday morning .. about Elzibah.) About noon an Army Airforce Captain (chaplain) arrived at the HQ house and said that he would like to meet & talk with Master., Mother Ruth explained that she & I were about to take lunch out to Him and the brothers. He waited until we had lunch prepared and the three of us left in the Ford. We were almost to the Burma truck, we met Master & Jerry (from AI's) in the wrecker on their way into town. Master told us to follow them because the Burma was on it's way into town also. They had unloaded it. We were within one block of the house when the right rear tire blew! The Burma came up along side us and Priest Samuel changed the tire while the rest of us went onto the house on foot. Master talked with the Chaplain and everyone had a snack. 3:30 PM Joseph, Tom & Samuel in the Burma went out to reload the truck. Neria driving the Ford took Master & Mother Ruth to the W.K.F.L. Machine shop. As we drove out of the driveway we saw Elzibah & Jeroham walking toward town. Master said, "Go back to the house". (As I had left Aaron with the little girls at the house.) After we arrived at the house Master waited about 15 min. Then He & Mother Ruth went out to the truck and the group left for trip to the homestead via the beach.  About 6 PM our water pump lost it's prime.  I left it turned off and in about 6 hours primed it and it started OK. Fed the children and wrote a letter to Sister Ethel in Calif.




Baked cornbread and made gravy for breakfast about 7 AM. Audrey ironed clothes. Vonda cleaned the house. Brothers arrived home about 11:30 AM, they loaded the truck and ate the lunch that Audrey had prepared for them. Richard cleaned out the furnace. Val-Dorm picked up broken glass out in the back yard. Then Richard & Val-Dorm cut firewood till 6:30 PM. I drove the '49 Buick taking Vonda to the Cabin so that she could take a shower and shampoo. Nikki was very tired and went to bed early. Vonda & I baked bread until 3 AM, Sept 11th, then we went to bed.


SEPTEMBER 11, 1957

I (Neria) up at 7 AM to prepare breakfast for the group. Beach crew arrived home about 11:30 AM. It has been raining. The Burma truck had blown a gasket or oil seal on the trip. Mother Ruth, Master, Samuel, Joseph & Tom returned home. I fixed lunch. Master & Mother Ruth went to the Attorney (Quincy Benton) about 3 PM. Joseph took the Burma to Rosi's garage about 3:30 PM. Priest Samuel is writing a letter to Harry Leonard in California.


SEPTEMBER 19, 1957

6 AM I (Neria) made my first trip up the beach to the homestead (WKFL Fount of Alaska, at Venta, Alaska) I traveled on the tractor with Master and Samuel. Joseph & Paul made the trip in the Burma truck.



SEPTEMBER 20, 1957

3:30 PM Arrived in Homer from Venta. Traveled the beach with Joseph driving the Burma Truck. Rainy weather.



SEPTEMBER 26, 1957

Joseph left the Fount from the WKFL Machine shop went with Mabel Winnerstein.



OCTOBER 8, 1957      

Master Krishna and Mother Ruth arrived at California Fountain from Alaska.



OCTOBER 15, 1957    

Master Krishna and Sister Merilyn left for Alaska.



OCTOBER 17, 1957    

Master told Priest Samuel that he is to set up a complete bookkeeping system.



OCTOBER 19, 1957    

Because the new guest "Portland" is not coming up to the HQ house for his meals. (He has been cooking at the Machine shop.) There are some new rules:

1. No cooking at the Machine shop. Meals are served at the HQ house.

2. No one is allowed into the refrigerator, cupboards or to use the stove without Permission.

In the evening Master advised that Alex may stay at the Machine shop for awhile but that he must eat at HQ house.



OCTOBER 21, 1957    

Alex went up to the homestead with Master & Samuel and stayed there.


OCTOBER 29, 1957

2 PM Bob Norman publisher of “Homer News” visited with Master for several hours.


NOVEMBER 7, 1957

Priest Samuel delivered some mail to Stinky Jones’ cousin and 4 boxes of Prince Albert pipe tobacco.


NOVEMBER 11, 1957

Priest Samuel delivered a letter to Joe Wallace from Mina Henke.


NOVEMBER 13, 1957

Priest Samuel, Elder Brother Jim (Broiles) & Arliss went up to Venta until about Sunday. They plan to work on the road into the homestead from the mud flats. Sister Verginia has made some progress and will soon be in the Aaronic Priesthood.



NOVEMBER 18, 1957 

Elder Brother Jim (Broiles), Arliss and Priest Samuel are building a new outhouse (portable) next to the HQ house. Also are constructing an outhouse for the homestead at Venta.



NOVEMBER 22, 1957

Master, Samuel, Nikki, Elder Brother Jim, Richard, Val-Dorm and five boys from school traveled to Ninilchik for a basket ball game. Earlier this morning, Elder brother Jim, Samuel and Arliss went onto the beach to pick up coal.



November 23, 1957

3 brothers on Coal duty again. The year is to be written: 6 KV which equals 1957 Month numbers start with April as "1". Example todays date would be: 8/23/6KV.



NOVEMBER 27, 1957

I inspected the meat hanging in storage shed at the Machine shop and it is OK.  Early this morning, Master, Priest Samuel, Nikki & brothers Richard & Val-Dorm left for Anchorage in the '57 Buick. The Homer High boys have a basket ball game in Anchorage and they will be gone until Saturday the 30th.



NOVEMBER 29, 1957 

I took two rolls of film to drugstore for developing.  Sent Priest Paul's denture to California for repairs.



December 1, 1957         

Raining, and roads are very icy. Master & the group have not returned yet from Anchorage. Brother Tom (Boblick) led in the Spiritual discussion tonight.



DECEMBER 6, 1957    5 PM

Master and the group arrived home. Heavy snow with intermittent hail outside.



DECEMBER 7, 1957   

9 AM Joseph arrived at HQ House. He had walked into Homer from Venta all alone. He had slipped on a log and hurt his back.



DECEMBER 11, 1957

5 PM Joseph left the Fount and went to work at AI's.



DECEMBER 15, 1957

Mother Ruth left for Alaska.



DECEMBER 25, 1957 

Master, Mother Ruth, Priest Samuel and Nikki went to Ken & Hazel Heath's home for the evening. Joseph came about midnight to the HQ house and stayed playing Canasta until Master & Mother Ruth arrived. Joseph asked Master if he could return to the Fount.



DECEMBER 29, 1957

New instructions regarding Titles.

All Fountain members from "new"thru members with single sword: Brother/Sister

Two swords = Priest.

Three swords = Bishop.

Three swords + shield=Cardinal

Master Krishna/Mother Ruth/High Priestess Nikki/Elder Brother Jim/Prince Aaron.



JANUARY 8, 1958

Bishop Gene and Jane are to name their new child



JANUARY 16, 1958

Master & Sister Verginia came in from Venta. Later in the day Master & Mother Ruth flew to Anchorage for an appointment with Mr. Clyde Rowen.



JANUARY 17. 1958    

Girl child of Bishop Asaiah & Sister Audrey was born today at 2:22 PM at the WKFL Fount HQ residence in Homer, Alaska. She weighed 7#20oz, 18.5 inches long. Birth was attended by Sister Neria, Priest Paul and Elder Brother Jim. Sister Audrey talked on the telephone with Master in Anchorage after the baby was born. Master named the child, "Danena Rae".



January 22, 1958

Sister Ethel, Bitzi and Brother Bill Gregory left for Alaska.



MAY 3, 1958

This evening we put on the "Northward Ho" program at the Homer Theater for the Cancer Fund Raising drive.  Master put Samuel, Paul, and Joseph in charge of the brothers and construction at Venta.



MAY 5, 1958      

Notes written upon return to Venta & Homer from Anchorage trip:


Separation to the world means sadness or sorrow .. But to those dwelling within the consciousness of a oneness with God, all in all, all in one, one in all ••• There can be no Separation.  Those remaining in Homer felt great joy & love in the realization that we are again within Venta City. New strength, greater unity and the opportunity to put into practice the plan revealed to us by our leader, Master Krishna.


9: 30 AM A beautiful family expressing in a oneness. What a wonderful experience. Twenty minutes after the journey to Venta began, the International truck went to Karl Baiers' for water with Aaron, Richard, Lenn, Roy and Neria. On the return to Homer the activities centered around completing some necessary daily chores. By lunchtime, the ironing & folding clothes was completed and put away. Coal & Wood was brought into basement. Ashes were emptied from the furnace and stove. Dishes were done, Photographic crew had completed 800 pictures. Nikki & Richard with suggestions from Mother Ruth prepared lunch.  Nikki & Leila Ruth went to LaFon’s cabins for showers and shampoos.  Mother Ruth. Aaron, Roy and Lenn went to several places on business, the last stop was the Lumber yard. Shelving was ordered and we returned home. Ted Wythe delivered the lumber on a big truck. The brothers unloaded the truck & covered the lumber with a canvas. Shortly rain started falling .. very heavy for awhile .. Just enough to dampen the dusty roads and freshen up the new green growth. Sherry is feeling much better. Reyel helped after scnool with many tasks. (She helped cleaning and straighetening rooms, helped cook dinner, ran some errands, set the table) She did all the work with a positive and joyful attitude. Priest Bitzi lead the evenings' concentration. Everyone enjoyed reading the "Scopia" (the newspaper written & sent from WKFL in Calif.) We enjoyed reading the description of the Holy Days in Calif. and also the pictures of the group.  Brother Tom read from John Chapters 15 & 16. The words are plain and all felt the message was timely & inspiring. Following the Spiritual meeting, Brother Tom announced that he and brothers Roy & Lenn were volunteering to do the dishes. That was a nice surprise and they did a very good job .. Also cleaned the floor & all the tables. Don (Steffa) with help from Nikki. Bitzi, Audrey & Richard packaged and labeled the pictures for school.  Children prepared for bed with no prompting.  They were quiet and orderly.  Bitzi & Audrey now have begun the second half of a large amount of laundry.



May 6, 1958

Master Krishna arrived at Fountain in California with (Audrey & Asaiah’s 5 month old daughter) Danena Rae, who was born in Alaska.



May 27, 1958

Large group left for Alaska.  At 10:45 PM from San Fernando to Seattle Washington by bus, then on by airplane to Alaska.  Brothers David Smith, David Jr., Herbert Grossman, Herbert Jr., Bert E., Robert K., RB Jackson, Abel, Ben Yipe, James Sutton, Nicholas Green, Arthur & Barbara Broiles and Brother Chuck.



May 28, 1958

Master Krishna, Sister Babs Baker, Danena Rae and KarnValdeen (Bitzi & Samuel’s son) left for Alaska.



JUNE 3, 1958     

6 AM Tractor left with R.B., Ben, Bert, Art, Herb Jr •• Robert and a visitor "Charles" also Baba and Barbara Broiles. 8:30 AM Master, Nikki and Samuel & Bitzi's baby, Karn Valdeen flew by plane up to Venta.



JUNE 5, 1958

Trip up to Venta with Tractor & Trailer driven by Samuel were Herbert, David, James, David Jr, Chuck and A.B.



JUNE 6, 1958

Return trip to Homer was Samuel. Elder Brother Jim and visitor Charles Benjamin. At 7PM Samuel and Elder Brother Jim left for Venta.  They returned to Homer June 8th about 12:45 midnight.

July 6, 1958 (7KV) Sunday Lecture by Master Krishna -


“Look to the East and ye shall see the West, from whence ye art and ever shall be. Think and you shall know thought. Listen to the stillness, and ye shall be brought to remembrance. Stop where you are, and ye shall gather corruption. Speak and ye shall become an interpreter of life. The Hindu & Moslem followers kneel to face the East toward the sun. The earth rotates from West to East as it circles the sun. There is a time when we enjoy the light and a time when we walk in darkness. There is a season where the earth is divided in its warmth. One time warmth is toward the North, one time the warmth is toward the equator, one time the warmth is toward South. Each part of the earth received in season from the Sun its power. Facts are symbols of truth, that you might come to know that which you were, you are and ever shall be. Think and ye shall know all things but following earth’s pattern of revolving around the sun and you must undergo the change of conditions. The earth found that it must move on an axis to distribute light from the sun on its own body. It produced a static condition within. Though not harmful to itself, it became a handicap which must be overcome. Speed is the only thing which will overcome the static. It did have influence over objects on its surface. Objects were influenced by the static which became a pressure - became a buffer to the entity of life within the body - ­which became as one asleep - paralyzed.  This pressure forebode it motion, caused it to sleep deeply, thus man-being became sluggish in thought. Man-being found it more comfortable to sleep within static until the pressure of static became unbearable - then that thought desired to be free. Static or pressure didn't want to free it. Then - between thought pattern and the static. The thought pattern within man is lazy by nature, but was not meant to be so. Man drifts on the Path of least resistance with little desire to think. Because of this he doesn't know thought. Think, and ye shall know all thoughts. Can you receive any knowledge orally, written or otherwise without thinking? Would it not depend upon concentration upon the given subject or condition? Depend upon your strength of concentration. Devote much time in thinking, it is the only escape out of mortality, the only escape from that static force pressing upon thought pattern. The speed of your thoughts overcome the static force. If thoughts parallel the static force, you become one of the living dead. If your thoughts are slower than the static force, you then become the force of the static yourself, striving to crush out the light. If you journey on as you are doing, new and old intelligences, lazy and divided, Sleep on, sleep on, sleep on and become the footstool of the static force. Continue to exist on the few weaknesses about you, partake of the paupers feast of ignorance & corruption, disgrace - - dead unto God. If ye be put into a deep freeze, you are not much good for anything. You cry for warmth & absorb quickly even the smallest particle of warmth. Can the frozen dead be removed from freezer & return to the original form that it was before freezing?  It thaws - then rots - changes form.  Intelligences coming into mortality are pulled between the light and the static. To release the static (frozen state) there must be a complete transformation from the original pattern to evolve again into the light (living). If I went to sleep with the thought to do a certain special thing when I awoke in the morning, I would remember. The thought couldn't help but manifest when you awoke, but if you went to sleep with no thought on your mind, you are truly asleep. When you go to sleep at night with no spiritual thoughts on your mind, the negative force can penetrate the mind while you are asleep. Have positive thoughts, spiritual prayer before going to sleep. Think upon Spiritual laws, which are a protection of that which is good. If you are going to sleep with a bunch of junk on your mind, how can you awake with spiritual thoughts? To think fast you must think above the material and its corruption. The world is not for you. Nature is for you. Where is time for Spiritual? Express spiritual not worldly. Melchizedek means: Keeper of the truth of God, the Ark & the Covenants. (The Covenants or Laws of God over all things) Keeper of the Ark & Covenants, Melchizedek has those under Him to keep the laws .. Future: The atmosphere of the earth is loosing its Oxygen. Bodies and cell structure will have to adapt and change to continue on earth plane. Veins and arteries will become larger and total volume of blood will increase. Many babies will be born to surprise science. A type of mutation will occur as time goes on and more babies will be born the same way. Science will accept the fact. Certain chemicals can be taken which will burn up the waste of the cells, leaving the oxygen to other work. Body cells need something to increase their oxygen capacity.”





AUGUST 13, 1958       

9:45 AM Arliss gassed up the Burma truck. Richard & Jim took tractors and trailers to the Shop. David & A.B. working at carpentry at Fair grounds. David doing housecleaning at Machine shop.  10 AM Gus Lofgren took Mother Ruth to the News paper office to put in the Fair Schedule. 12 noon Mr. Harris has a berry picking invention which he wants to talk about with Master. 12:15 PM Samuel drove the International truck to the Fair grounds. David & A.B. drove the Burma truck to the Fair grounds taking lumber up there from the Shop. They then hauled trash from the Fair grounds to the dump. 2:30 PM Mr. Harris came & talked with Master about the berry picker. 3 PM Master took lunch up to the brothers working at the Fair grounds.



AUGUST 14, 1958       

7:15 AM Arliss, Art, Richard, A.B., David are working

at the Fair grounds. David Jr. Cleaning at the machine shop. 10 AM Arliss took Burma truck to the Homer Spit to get some barrels of gasoline. Mother Ruth is ironing. Neria wrote a letter to Sister Jane S. in California. 2 PM Brother James came to the house & talked with Master, James wanted to purchase the Locksmithing set from the Fount. Master told him, No. James stayed & talked with Master about various other things till around 3:45 PM (conversation tended toward finding out the Fount's attitude toward him.) He said that there was a possibility that he may want to return to the Fount. 10:30 PM Tractor and trailer #1 arrived from Venta. Priest Samuel & Elder Brother Jim said that Brother Bert had walked away from Venta, barefooted in the afternoon.



AUGUST 15, 1958       

7:30 AM Art & Arliss took old car bodies, garbage, old fan & radiator to the dump. I got some clean socks for Arliss & Jim.  David, A.B., Richard went to the Fair grounds to build the stage.  Tom & David Jr. are painting the outside of the Machine shop building. 8 AM David Jr. walked up to the HQ house from the shop. He said that he would like to leave the Fount about 12 noon. He wanted his check and CAP uniform. He then asked if he could go for a walk? I (Neria) advised David Jr. that Master nor Priest Samuel were available, but that she would advise them of his wishes.  The International truck is using about 2 quarts of oil in two weeks. Master asked Brother Art to look into the situation. The radiator and fan from Tractor #2 were sent for repairs to the Machine shop. 6:30 PM Neria & Mother Ruth drove David Jr. to the Airport in the '57 Buick. He left Homer on the next airplane out.



AUGUST 16, 1958

Brother David built shelves in the house basement. A.B. built two wooden benches & two narrow wooden benches to eat from also he built a Palm tree stand for a play prop tree. Mother Ruth & Brother Art went around Homer to get prizes donated from the merchants for the Homer Fair. 12 Noon Mr. Smith newly arrived in Alaska from Iowa, with a wife & three month old daughter, came and asked if we would transport him to the Head of the Bay so that he could look into a farm homestead. He talked with Master. 1-3 PM Brother Ben came and talked to Mother Ruth about boots .. He asked if we wanted the boots or the money. (The boots that he had were taken by Nick.) He talked for awhile with Master. He seems to be thinking of possibly returning to the Fount some time in the future. 8 PM Master, Mother Ruth, Nikki, Neria, Arliss and David went to the movie, "Smiley". Brothers Tom, Art, A.B. and Richard stayed home and watched Danena Rae. 10:30 PM Snack for all.



AUGUST 17, 1958

7 AM I restocked kitchen groceries from supply in basement. 12 noon Brunch. Afterward I did the dishes. Afternoon Letter writing and mending. 4:45 PM Yule & Ruth Kilcher visited. Talked about his political campaign.


AUGUST 18, 1958

10:30 AM Ruth Kilcher arrived with her herbal medicine. She asked that I inject it for her. She brought us a silver salmon. After her medication, she rested on the couch, drank some herbal tea until 1 PM.  Yule Kilcher arrived to pick up his wife.

11 AM Ken Heath came by and spoke with Mother Ruth about business.



AUGUST 19, 1958       

10:30 AM Brother Art took '57 Buick down to the Machine shop.  Master told him fluid was leaking & that the power steering needs repair. Also asked the brothers at the shop to make a bracket for the floodlight. The Graham brothers came with a truck load of their possessions.  The Fire Siren Blew! Master, Samuel, Jim & Richard went in the International truck to a structural fire. Don Graham went with them (he is a school teacher).  The other Graham brother stayed behind & had a sandwich & coffee. The fire was already out by the time our brothers arrived, so they returned in about thirty minutes.



AUGUST 20, 1958       

Clara, a woman from Anchorage who met Mother Ruth & Nikki up there at Carr's grocery this Spring, drove down to Homer with a young school teacher from New Jersey. Dorothy has been in Alaska about 24 hours. She will be teaching school in Kodiak. Clara and Dorothy talked with Master & Mother Ruth for a while, had some coffee before they left.



AUGUST 21, 1958       

Brother Robert is cutting firewood. Brother A.B. is putting tar paper on the new warehouse by the Machine shop.  Brother David is helping him. I gave Mr. Kilcher 11.5 pounds of soup bones. They were from Weiber beef that was fresh August 20th.


In the evening group arrived from Venta for the Homer Fa1r. Cab1n arrangements are:

Cabin #4: Bros. R.B., A.B., Bert & ValDorm

Cabin #5: Bros Robert, Chuck, Herbert & Priest Paul

Cabin #6: Sister Ethel, Merilyn, Babs & Audrey

Also arriving in Homer on the Tractor were Brother Joseph and Sister Verginia who have been living at Weiber's as man and wife!



AUGUST 22, 23 & 24 1958 - Dates of the Homer Fair.

A Braided rug from Calif. won the first prize. Sister Ethel's rug got second. Priest Bitzi s copper picture got a second prize. Venta experimental crop(flax) '57 & '58 won first prize. Chore schedule: Nikki & Babs lunch & dinner prep. Babs & Herbert: Laundry & Ironing.  Bitzi & ValDorm: costumes & play props.  Neria: Breakfast and general coordination.



August 23, 1958 

Jim fixed the trap on the kitchen sink. Construction crew: A.B., David, Herbert, E.B., Robert, Arliss & Burma Truck. Brother Bert Cleaning Shop. Audrey & Merilyn Cleaning the House. Babs & Herbert laundry & Ironing. Breakfast dishes & cleaning the kitchen done by Bro Chuck. ValDorm brought in Coal and wood, and emptied out the garbage.



AUGUST 25, 1958       

Priest Paul and Sis.Audrey baked bread. Priest Paul is to sketch the new car port for the two Buicks by the HQ House. Brother Jim to take Tractor #2 & Trailer #1 to shop for routine maintenance. Bitzi to take care of Karn Valdeen and packing the costumes. Sister Audrey to take care of Danena Rae and do housekeeping. Sister Merilyn to help Audrey.  This morning at 10:30 AM, Brother Jim & Brother Herbert had an appointment with Dr. Fenger for physical examinations, chest XRays, Blood work up & UrinalySister Both are in good health. Jim: 137 Ibs. Herbert: 129 Ibs.



AUGUST 26, 1958

At 3 PM Group of 14 went back to Venta. In the morning today, everyone voted.


AUGUST 27th, 1958

1 AM Master & Brother A.B. playing chess. Burma truck & brothers hauled gravel up from the beach. Brothers A.B., David, Herbert, are working on the new warehouse beside the Machine Shop. Samuel & Jim made trip to Venta about 2:30 PM to pick up Richard S.  We all had some smoked bear meat for dinner tonight.



AUGUST 30, 1958       

7:30 AM Brother A.B. is to make two double bunk beds for the new men's dorm room just off the new warehouse.  Brother David Smith is making shelves in the basement of HQ house and making a little closet under the stairs (the stairs that go from ground up to front door of house.)  Arliss & Robert drove the International truck to take the Garbage to the dump. Chuck & Herbert are cutting weeds in front of the House. Robert is cutting & splitting fire wood. 1 PM Richard doing some electrical wiring for outside lights. Herbert is painting the fence in front of the house. Samuel, Paul, Arliss & Jim B. building the Car port. I (Neria) organized supplies in the basement, drove the International truck with groceries to the Shop, did some bookwork and prepared lunch. Nikki & Barbara Broiles cleaned kitchen, did the dishes and helped prepare evening meal. Art Broiles, Richard S. & 3 young school girls picked a large milk pail full of low bush cranberries out near the Homer Spit. (4 hrs.) Evening work on the new car port done by Samuel, Jim, Paul, Herbert and Richard. Arliss and Jim went to Anchor Point in the Burma truck to get load of lumber. Mr. Best & his son, Walter from Jefferson town. Kentucky are visiting Alaska to Fish & hunt Bear. They stopped to visit the Fount and talk with Master. Nikki, Baba (Barbara Broiles) and Art did the dinner dishes.  About 10:30 PM Some of the brothers are playing a Monoply game. Master played Chess. Mother Ruth announced that Brother Arliss and Sister Helen are now in the Aaronic Priesthood. (They now have one sword on their symbol.)



AUGUST 31, 1958       

Early morning, Nikki & Baba cleaned up the kitchen. 12 noon Lunch. T-bone steak gravy on hot biscuits , Creole corn with onions & ripe olives. Brother Chuck cleaned up the dirty dishes. 8 AM (after only a few hours sleep) Brothers Samuel, Paul, Jim Broiles and Richard S. resumed work on the new car port.


2:30 PM Arliss started washing feet. Mother Ruth announced that there would be no formal lecture this evening, that the lecture would be given .. by action. All are to write letters. Shortly Art received word that Master would like some food and requested pancakes. Sister Baba helped Art. (They are brother & sister .. Broiles')   Mr. & Mrs. Campbell & their 28 month old twins visited from Anchorage. They requested an audience with Master. About 4PM they & Master discussed Philosophy in the living room. The conversation lasted almost four hours.  Those present in the living room received much wisdom while listening.  General work schedule went on continuously during the day and most of the evening. Most of the brothers finally got to bed about 1 AM Sept. 1st.



SEPTEMBER 1, 1958 Monday

6 AM Breakfast for most of the group. Brothers A.B., David, Chuck worked on the Car port. Robert Cut firewood. Arliss brought a load of lumber from the lumber yard. I (Neria) did the laundry in the afternoon. I wasn't able to complete the job because the water in the well was too low. Art did the evening dishes.




Paul baked bread in the early morning. Herbert went to the Machine shop to help Art sand & fix the '49 Buick. The Berato's arrived about noon and stayed until 1 PM. We gave them some EI Molino products: Yeast, split peas, seven grain cereal. Master will take some whole wheat flour to them when He makes the trip to Fairbanks. Paul, Samuel, Jim and Richard worked on the Car port. It rained hard most of the day. In the evening Master & Mother Ruth went to the Fair Board Meeting. 8 PM Concentration followed by a discussion. Dinner for 15 people. Master & Mother Ruth returned to the house about 10:15 PM. After they ate, Master played chess with Arliss.



SEPTEMBER 3, 1958 Wednesday  

6:30 AM Breakfast for Samuel, Jim, A.B., David, & Robert. About 7:30 PM they left on a trip up to Venta. They had some tractor problems when they got to Miller's landing. Tractor got fixed and they cont1nueo on the trip to Venta.  7 AM at the house, the balance of the group had their breadfast. 7:45 AM The girls ate breakfast, had their hair combed and left for School. (They all have beautiful new dresses sent from California.) 8:00 am Art back from making a service call to Miller's landing to help fix the tractor. He is working on the Buick repairs. Paul, Chuck & Herbert are working on the Car port. Arliss slept late & then went down to the shop about 9 AM. Richard also up about 9 AM. He got coal, firewood and groceries then went back to the electrical wiring job on the new car port. Two ax heads were repaired (new handles) at the shop. Nikki took care of the school girls, did dishes & scrubbed & waxed the living room floor. Baba cleaned the bedroom and did the ironing.



SEPTEMBER 5, 1958  

1:30 AM Master, Mother Ruth ,Nikki, Brother Jim Broiles, Samuel & Herbert Grossman left in the '57 Buick for Anchorage, Fairbanks and the University of Alaska campus, where Jim and Herbert are going to College. 7:45 AM Paul, Chuck & Arlis went with tools to Ken Heath's property to clear and burn brush for him.  This work must be done to prepare for more clearing by a Bulldozer. Richard is wiring the new car port with lights. Master had brought some #12 building wire for the job back in September. Paul went over to the Club Bar to check on a service job request. They want the Brothers to put up a big new electrical sign. The ok was given to do the job. Baba & Neria went to the PTA meeting tonight and met some of the Teachers. Leila Ruth's teacher is new this year.



SEPTMBER 6, 1958    

Unusual condition of Agitation existed and a heavy feeling to some degree. Almost everyone felt sleepy & experienced some degree of lethargy.  Baba is doing a fine job taking care of the girls and doing most of the cooking during the daytime. Charles Abbot came and asked to speak to Master. Richard worked to bring in the electrical wire to the kitchen for a switch to operate the porch light & the car port light. The car port light also illuminates the driveway. Afternoon: Paul, Arliss, Chuck, Richard, Art with the Burma all worked to put up the new sign for the Club Bar. (Man at the Club Bar gave the brothers a 6 pack of cold beer for their work.)  Paul, Chuck & Arliss went to the evening Movie. 10:30 PM Beth came up to the house to visit for a few minutes.



SEPTEMBER 9, 1958  

6 AM Early breakfast for the Brothers. Arliss & Paul went to Anchor Point in the Burma Truck to pick up a load of lumber from the mill. Chuck cleared the area by the house where a new coal shed will be built.  Art worked on the Ford Tractor & the '54 Ford Sedan. About 11:00 AM Jim Calkins stopped & brought us 15 dozen eggs that Mother Ruth had ordered last week. (Nice dark brown eggs.) 11:30 AM Paul & Arliss drove by the house going down to the Machine shop to unload the lumber and to return to the house. They worked with Richard on the Car port doors, then everyone had lunch about 1 PM 2 PM Burma truck driven by Arliss & Chuck went on a second trip to Anchor Point to get a load of saw dust. 3:30 PM Paul & Art drove out to the Spit in the International truck to see about getting some sawdust at the new sawmill. When they returned Paul started making bread. I did all the ironing today. Baba took care of the school children. Richard helped about the house & on the construction of the new car port doors. 7:30 PM the Burma truck returned from Anchor Point with 50 bags of Sawdust.  8 PM Concentration Neria & Art did the foot washing & drying this week. Dinner was served at 9:15 PM.  Most of the brothers in their work clothes went down to the shop where they unloaded the sawdust from the Burma and stored it in the new warehouse. Burma with Arliss, Chuck & Paul worked out in the yard of the HQ house to pull a large tree stump out & then hauled it away. Most of my evening was spent doing book work. When all the chores were done, the crews were surprised by Baba & Richard who made Lemon & rice pudding with cocoa for them as a treat.



SEPTEMBER 10, 1958

6 AM Early breakfast. (Paul had been up working til 3 AM so he slept in until 9 AM.) Paul, Arliss & Chuck worked at Ken Heath's property again today, clearing brush. I (Neria) drove the girls to school because they were a little late getting started this morning. On the way home I stopped at the Post Office to mail Art's letter to his parents. For the balance of the morning I did bookwork. Baba did the dishes and Richard did his usual chores around the house. After lunch the brothers, Paul, Arliss, Chuck & Richard went back at land clearing for Ken Heath.  I (Neria) went down to the new warehouse at the shop to roll taffeta cloth and properly store other-materials, costumes and props from the Northward Ho program we presented in Anchorage in Feb. & March this year. Later I went to the Post Office and picked up a package from Dow Key Company with radio parts and also mailed 2 letters. 4 PM Richard took the electrical inventory of the stock stored at the Shop. 7:30 PM All joined at HQ for foot washing & Concentration. 9:30 PM Dinner. By 11:30PM most everyone had retired.



SEPTMBER 11, 1958  

6AM Early Breakfast.  I (Neria) drove the girls to school as it was raining very heavy. Paul, Arlis & Chuck worked on the coal shed and on finishing the car port garage doors. Richard helped in the house scrubbing floors, waxed them, cleaned out the corner near the stove and brought in supply of coal & Wood. Baba Broiles did the dishes and then altered the robes for the school girls. I did bookwork. Later I took lunch down to the brothers at the Shop. Paul, Arliss, Chuck & Richard ate lunch at the house. I then drove to the Airport to pick up the Brake linings at PNA.  Paid the freight charges. When I got to the shop and opened the package, I discovered that the wrong size linings had been ordered for the front brake shoes. 2x1/2 was ordered instead of the correct 2x1/4 size.  I stayed at the shop warehouse rolling up more taffeta yardage on spools and inventoried the yardage and stored play prop materials. Baba took care of the House while I was working at the Shop. She prepared lunch and cared for the girls. 7:30 PM Brothers came up to the house from the shop. I also returned to the house. We held Concentration and had dinner. 9:30 PM Paul & Arliss continued the work on the coal shed and the Garage doors. Most everyone else sat in the living room and read books. I cleaned up the dishes and then tackled some bookwork.


OCTOBER 5, 1958 (7 KV)

Letter I wrote from Venta to my parents Paul & Vera Lonneke




OCTOBER 5, 1958       Venta, Alaska

These are thoughts which came to me as a result of writing a letter to someone who felt that the Fountain was an assortment of Characters who did not have the Ring of sincerity in their expression.  The Fountain does have as you say, a motley assortment of expressions. The leaders of the Fountain have a constant challenge before them to keep the smooth harmonious unity. While in the Fountain, all begin their schooling, some in Kindergarten, others a little more advanced. This schooling is a gradual changing over process whereby they learn how to overcome their faults. They also have the opportunity to learn the why's of Life. Some do not have yet the strong desire within to want to change. Some only stop for awhile at the Fountain to stabilize themselves before taking up their, old pattern and continue on. We hope they are just a bit more able to cope with their daily trials & tribulations as "Individuals" in the School of the World.  Those who do have a strong determination & are convinced that there is more to life than - eating, sleeping and going to work, will search for greater under­standing & deeper meaning to the Whys & Wherefores…  The cause & effect in their physical expression. One joyful day when they reach the degree of understanding where they find peace & freedom from the physical Bondage, they realize that there is a freedom in a higher spiritual expression.



Lecture October 8, 1958 ~ (7 KV) In Alaska

This was Master Krishna's last message before He went to California -


"Democracy= Communal plan (Plan of God)

Hierarchy= Form of Government (Understand it, so you can answer inquiries which may come.)

Triangle form of organization: Consisting of Body of rulers with Orders of:

A) Melchizedek

B) 12 Apostles (Spiritual)

C) 70 Arts & Scientists (Scientific & Artistic)

The three work together and can only expand and survive. Not one power.

The mind is the same as a Hierarchy:

A) 110 Senses Scientists

B) Basic 5 Senses are the fundamental senses, gained on entering Mortality. The others are earned.

Presently we have the Government:

Congress, which is made up of two houses, which work together:

1.  Senate- Representatives chosen according to area.

2.  House of Representatives- Chosen according to population.

Form goes on into Committees, State Government, County Government, City government. Homes, Humans and the physical body.

Melchizedek: 12 Apostles (Senate)

1.  Devote entire time to gain complete understanding of all spiritual purposes.

2.  To be interested in the whole population.

3.  Realize the individual needs and try to bring about Unity.

4.  Are the Mediators to keep Peace in the family.

There must be room within the organization of all races, various colors, regardless of religion.

5.  Make a complete analysis and study of entirety of organization instructions.

Every ones needs are different:

1.  A spiritual need which isn't met will bring those of like deficiencies to join together.

2.  The Order of Melchizedek will supply that need & Unify all by being the supply.

Order of Melchizedek: Encompassing all.

Peace on earth, gathering together, Believe in Humanity based on overcoming anything which might take away the rights of mankind.

To encourage leaders not followers. Thinkers not stinkers. War starts from a tiny seed. When no one in authority does anything to find the cause and cure the ill, being deprived of something (real or imaginary) will cause hate and sickness. (need of friendship) Peaceful people have what they need.

Science: 70 Arts & Scientists

Branches of all sciences to be represented. Some kinds of course in time will become obsolete, but a higher type of the kind will rise up to take its place.

Scientific Development to meet changing world needs .. Do not produce but do Research.

There is no production under the order of Melchizedek. Production will be done in the lower house of the W.K.F.L. Aaronic Priesthood.

Supervision of distribution to be done by the Aaronic Priesthood.

12 High Priests of the Order of Me1chizedek are the missionaries between the Aaronic Priesthood and the Order of Melchizedek.

Many entities will be working in the Order of Me1chizedek but not be members of it.  There will be no personalities or partiality. Respect demanded but not personal respect. Work must be done, so the work must be accomplished by those qualified, not personalities.

Telephic work:

70 Scientists- Each will have his own pattern of thought.

12 Apostles'will coordinate these. This is a man's job. The masses will be dependent upon you.

Combination of the State and the Spirit.


Void of Personalities

Elimenation of fears.

Here we are fighting for an International plan, not a City plan. We are a tiny acorn and will grow. It is not a waste of time. All prophesy is coming to a head very soon children."



October 14, 1958

Master arrived at Fountain in California alone.



October 16, 1958

Master gave a lecture on Revelations 17.



OCTOBER 19, 1958 (7 KV)

Master gave some lectures in Los Angeles at 940 S. Figueroa St. (Friday Morning Club - Variety Arts Center - www.varietyartscenter.com)




NOVEMBER 6, 1958 (KV 7)

2 AM I took Aaron to the Potty. Snowing has been continuous since 3 PM Nov. 5th. when the rain changed to a west heavy snow. About midnight the snow became dry and powdery. 2:35 AM Paul came into the house and went upstairs to HQ. Sister Ethel came up from the kitchen where she has taken up her nightly vigil instead of using the dining room. (We have been using the dining room as a schoolroom for all the children) It is nice & warm, peaceful. Seems to be a very good time for studying. 3 AM Paul busy sanding wooden squares by the stove in the dining room.



November 7, 1958

Master went on a Fast.



November 10&11, 1958

Master appeared on the Paul Coates TV program.



November 14, 1958

Master discontinued his Fast.


November 19, 1958

Master Krishna called a meeting immediately after breakfast.  He read a letter from High Priestess Nikki in Alaska.  Then He told us about our failures.  Said He would give each $10 and send each out into the world for three months.  They were to leave in 24 hours.  Except for Cardinal Gene, Bishop Jane, Bishop Nekona, Sisters Anna, Helena, Alice, Erika and all the children.  The kitchen crew, Sisters Ruth Lewis and Sophia White were not mentioned.


A fire broke out not to far away and Master took some of the Brothers to help fight the fire.  They were there during the night way into the morning.  When Master came home, he announced that no one would be sent out into the world.



NOVEMBER 23, 1958 (7 KV) Sunday

Immediately following the noon meal, two tractors & trailers, chauffeured by Priest Samuel and Brother R.B. gathered their passengers bound for Homer. (They were Sisters Merilyn, Audrey, Neria, Ethel & Brothers A.B., & Art.) Brothers Robert, ValDorm & Richard rode along planning to ride as far as far as the cache, to pick up the Blow-torch and then walk back to Venta.  While the others traveled on to Homer to cast their ballots in the State Elections.  As it happened, we made our bumpy way down the road to the mud flats. Priest Samuel, Richard & Neria leaving first, aboard Tractor and trailer.  We took the trial run out over the swampy area of the property and along the frozen slough. The other with Brother R.B. took the regular road, stopping at Joe Wallaces' place where they picked up a box of clothing left there from a hiking trip. The thick powdery snow flew as Priest Samuel raced along the frozen flat span to the rendezvous point = Wallace road and the mud flats. When the two groups met, two tractors & their trailers with passengers swept out across the wide open Mud Flats, now frozen and covered with 11 inches of snow. Arriving at Fox Creek slightly chilled & dusted with snow we found the creek water frozen over with ice and caked with pieces 6" thick. This condition blocked the outlet flow of the creek. The ice was tested in several spots & was found to be too thin to cross upon. The water above the blockage was too deep to cross. The brothers joined by the sisters chopped, prodded and pushed chunks of ice downstream to allow some of the water to drain into the Bay more rapidly .. this in turn lowered the water level at the crossing. At dusk, which comes about 4 PM now, Priest Samuel, his tractor & trailer attempted crossing, but found that the far bank was too steep and icy to climb up. Water swirled around the tractor foot pedals and as it splashed against the hot engine, clouds of stean rose into the air. The engine tired from it's exertion, coughed to a stop. The Attempt to cross the creek was a failure.  We all worked to break away ice from in front of the tractor with pry bars, 2x4's and a sledge hammer. (In the process the Pry bar was lost.) Priest Samuel got his feet wet while working on the ice. He was into the creek water which came over the top of his boots. At this point he instructed Neria & ValDorm to walk back to the cache and build a fire. We crossed the creek on solid ice further downstream and trudged through the deep snow to the cache, built a fire & awaited the group. It was now about 6 PM and night surrounded us. Almost a half an hour passed before a dark figure could be seen coming toward us across the white field of snow. Samuel arrived and announced a plan of action, as he began pulling off his wet boots and socks. (They were already frozen stiff.) The balance of the group returned to Venta. The brothers would come back to the cache with the D8 Cat (We called the "Viking") as soon as they could. Time passed, Samuel put on his dried socks & boots. We talked about the events and problems that had challenged us. Two hours, slowly followed & then just over a little rise on the approach to Fox Creek, we saw two headlights of the "rescue" crew coming. We jumped up & quickly walked back to the creek to meet them. Quickly one end of a long metal cable was attached to the rear of the sunken trailer and the other end was attached to the front of the "Viking".  The Viking (DB CAT) moved backward, away from the creek, drawing the well soaked equipment onto the dry bank. While sitting in the flowing water, equipment will not freeze, but as soon as it is out and dry ... the ice will begin to form. At this point the Temperature was 19 degrees. The brothers warmed the movable parts under the tractor with the Blow torch to keep them free from ice. Thank the Master, the engine started with little effort. While the tractor was warming up it's inner most parts, the Viking calmly dozed a clear path through the creek and went to the Cache where it was parked to await the next crossing attempt of Tractors & trailers. The rescue crew: Brothers R.B., Art and Robert, plus the rescued group: Samuel, Neria & ValDorm aboard the 2 tractors & trailers hungrily headed back to Venta. Priest Samuel stopped for a minute at Joe Wallace's cabin to let him know that we would be leaving for Homer in the morning. If he wanted transportation into Homer to vote, we would stop to pick him up. (The signal for us to stop is the presence of a lighted lantern in his window.) The little hill just behind Wallace's on the road to Venta is a tricky maneuver. Brother R.B. went ahead carefully, then spinning & slipping made it over the top. Samuel, seeing that he had made it & that road was clear ahead, gunned the motor and away we went. We reached the top of the incline with difficulty.  At the top the curve in the road to the right presented a greater danger. The bank on the inside of the curve has a steep drop-off. The Tractor without steering aid, on a slippery slope, attempting this curve gives everyone a huge adrenal in rush. The curve was executed on the two left wheels. From my point, riding behind the driver, the two right wheels seemed to bridge the gap, mid-air, and yet we kept moving and didn't go over the bank.  It was now almost midnight when the cold hungry crew gathered in the cozy kitchen cabin for dinner. How delightful to feel the warmth of the stove & to inhale the delicious aromas. Our senses had been made acute by the hours of physical labor in the crisp Bayside air. A few short hours of rest were captured during the short lull before the second attempt to reach Homer. The intense, rigorous routine followed by the Beach drivers & the others working to open up this wild interior land, brings hourly narrow escapes.  So often one must realize & express their thankfulness. The frequency of the words, "Thank you Master", may cause an observer to scoff. Don't you become one of those who are unthinking in the use of these words. For although each moment is one of thanks, Thoughts & Actions convey one's appreciation. Not merely the words!



November 25, 1958

Master completed the lectures in Los Angeles.



November (?), 1958

Lecture given by Master Krishna -


"There are a lot of things about the human mind that keeps man from understanding the Laws of God. There are some who have a foresight but most of the multitudes have a hind-sight.. Those who cannot look ahead.


We would be much farther advanced today if people could have looked ahead.

We can look in the Bible and see the plan for us.


Going back into the records we find that man came from a dark planet in the far distant past. Our planet shot out of the sun and must be shot back into the Sun. The planet we came from was Neophrates which is now Venus.


Ademus on the planet Neophrates was the Christ and He led in the building of the rocket ships 240,000 years ago.


Every 40,000 years there is a downfall and we are now entering into the 6th downfall. Downfall means a natural condition which brings about a revitalizing of man. Strange things happen in the heavens every 40,000 years. There is a vast force causing this earth to rotate on its axis and it moves 1,000 miles an hour.


In its travels around the sun it moves at the speed of thousands of miles an hour and it makes one rotation every 364 days (1 year). The sun is moving in its vast orbit and has tremendous power.  It is sending radiation even unto the last of the planets. The sun moves around its sun once every 40,000 years.


Every 40,000 years our earth moves between the two suns, which is a purification plan out of it will come a great earthquake which will have a strange reaction upon the earth.


All man-made buildings will be treated as dust. They will be so easily moved.  All buildings will be lowered to the earth and there will be no security in the hills, for they will also fall. Those who will be saved will only be those on the open planes, for they can move from their home. Those who will be able to stand are the individuals of the 144,000 Elect.


We are now in the throes of Armageddon after which there will be 1,000 years of peace. "I am not here to save souls but to gather the 144,000 Elect" said Master.


No minister on earth can save your soul. We are the only ones who can save it and we can do it by doing Good. Others who were to have gathered the 144,000 elect and bring about the united Order failed their mission.


The Christ comes to earth and finds He has no army so He must set up that army, for the time is near at hand. There are 7 million in and around Los Angeles alone so it can be seen that 150,000 are not many.


There are 2 1/2 billion over the earth.  Out of all of the masses of the people on the face of the earth, there will be gathered from all only one out of every 17,000. Those will be the elect, the army of Christ. This is taking place at the present time.


There are 3500 Masters on earth today scattered through out all races, religions and corners of the earth.  Each person is being examined and judged to see who will be among the 144,000. The Christ is on earth gathering from all.  They must be gathered and sealed by 1965.


In 1975 the great war among nations will take place upon the earth, a war we have never had before..  It will start out very simply by scaring the people about war. We are in that war now. Russia knows she will not have to use killing weapons against the United States and her satellites. The socialist camp is preparing (not communist •• communist means communal living, the law of loving all brothers & sisters.) a position in slavery. They will not have to drop a bomb on the United States.


Today the U.S. is facing a problem.  The socialists only have to produce industry.  She is graduating four technicians to our one.  In 1965 she will load her market with products for half the price we can, which will ruin our economical system.  The US will be the first one to drop the bomb on another nation but she doesn’t think that she will.


There are only two powers on earth today, the Western and the Eastern hemispheres. In 1975 Russia will attack with the economic war. The Beast will reign 41 years. The Elect will not war with any country. There will be the City of the Elect and Master said He was here to gather the chosen ones.


Every church door will be closed. At the end of the 41 years the Elect will leave the City and war against the Beast with the message of God.

The called, chosen and faithful will stand the onslaught of the warriors.


You are chosen by your works, not your words."




December 6, 1958

Priest Paul arrived from Alaska in AM Saturday to help Master Krishna in Campaign.



December 10, 1958

Bomb explosion at main HQ of Fountain in California.



December 11, 1958

Mother Ruth and Priest Samuel arrived from Alaska.



December 17, 1958

Sheila, Jessie and Roger left for Alaska 12:30 AM by airplane.



December 23, 1958

Mother Ruth, Priest Samuel with Sharva, Lael and Debby left for Alaska.



SEPTEMBER 30, 1959

Mother Ruth gave the following thoughts from a meditation by Master Krishna. "All is vibration, which does not cease but spreads through all the Universe. Our work is to get in tune with the plan of God. Thoughts are like musical vibrations that join the music of the spheres. Each vibration becomes part of the 'tone' of this solar system. All solar systems strive to blend their vibrations. Right now, each of us is the sum and substance of all experiences through all incarnates. Each of us can be out of tune at times. Our harmony is dependent on gaining an understanding of daily experiences. In this way we tune ourselves & add to the true harmony of the music of the spheres.




The Women's Auxiliary of the Homer Volunteer Fire Dept. organized an emergency relief club, with Sister Neria as Project Manager.




Fire destroyed the main house at Venta. There were many telephone calls to the W.K.F.L. Headquarters in Homer offering help. The Volunteer Fire Dept. sent a truck with loud-speaker to drive up and down Pioneer Avenue asking for donations. The local Hospital sent a very valuable supply of first aid and medical supplies. Through the efforts of the Red Cross, four barracks type tent-houses were sent for Venta. Also 4 G.I. stoves, boxes of clothing, food, and toys from as far away as Anchorage and California. I (Neria) unpacked and sorted and repacked. Sister Ethel mended & washed garments needing either care. We had a treat for the cooks - a donation of G.I. C-rations. Kinda fun for a change. We each had on Thanksgiving Day, November 26th one day's issue of C-Rations. The writer of these notes drew Beef with macaroni & Cheese. At Venta there was also a special feature, Mrs. McMullen (the Children's State school teacher) cooked and served Thanksgiving dinner .. Most notable sweet potatoe pie. Bishop Samuel, Mother Ruth, Nikki, Brother Robert and Bill Hollis were in Anchorage Friday through Sunday for the Democratic Caucus.  They arrived home Tuesday.



SEPTEMBER 3, 1960  

Mrs. McMullen returned to Venta after a visit to her home in Oklahoma & a side trip to California which included a stop at the Fountain of the World where she made many new friends. Her apartment on the ground floor of the school house had a "face lift" while she was gone. The ceiling is tiled, new light fixtures, paint, varnish, a new front and back door. The 25 KW Generator was set up down by the warehouse and the power line now extends from there to the school. It took many days of clearing, digging & grading to achieve this. The crowning touch was the installation of the wires done by Brother R.B. assisted by Brother Art. The Roster of school children added the names of Linda Lee and Brother Thabah. Linda Lee recently had a birthday. Mrs. McMullen baked a cake for her & had a party at school.  (This is the second year that Mrs. M. has taught school at Venta.)



OCTOBER 30th 1960  

A new program was inaugurated at Venta. Sister Ethel is holding a class on Sunday afternoons at 3PM for the children. The course is aimed to give them some of Master's philosophy, his plan for future years, plus some singing & music. The meeting was held in the Laundry bldg. at the children's request. Ethel pointed out that there were no chairs but the children enjoyed sitting on the counter and were very attentive.  Brother R.B. built a foyer onto the front of the little log cabin. It extends across the front with windows & a light fixture. This foyer will house boxes, boots, coats and other th1ngs that the cab1n doesn’t have room for. Aaron nailed a board across two uprights (total structure about l ½ foot high) He placed it in front of the log cabin and said, "This will be a sign pointing the way to H.Q.”  The garden crew at Venta this summer was augmented / powered by the addition of a seven horse garden cultivator which can plow the ground, mark the rows, drop the seeds & covers them.  It cultivates the plants and at harvest time carries away the crops in a midget trailer which can carry about 1,000 pounds.  Brother Sharva has become very proficient in operating it. He carries water to the garden during the dry season and brings the matured produce up to the kitchen. It was amusing & touching the first day the tractor arrived. Bishop Tom & Brother Robert walked along with the tractor with Sharva operating it. One brother would guide & the other with his hand on the steering wheel .. They looked like a pair of fond parents wheeling the baby for the first time. Brother Robert & his band of helpers have produced a feast of vegetables. A new underground storage cellar was built near the garage by Brothers Robert, K.C. & R.B. The potato crop was spread on racks to dry in the old root cellar and then they were sacked. (8200 pounds) We have a fine supply of raspberries & many vegetables that were canned by Neria & Brother Robert. The raspberries near Joe Wallace's place were harvested with help from the children. Altogether it has been a bountiful growing season and we are indeed grateful for our blessings.



The hammers, saws & paint brushes are busy remodeling and beautifying Venta. Priest Neria & Brother R.B. (who were married March 29, 1960) joined efforts to make a cozy and at the same time utilitarian, a headquarters home from the cabin built several years ago by Brother A.B .. The logs were peeled and have been painted in the Fount colors, Blue & Yellow. A double deck bunk bed & shelving are being built by R.B. and there will be a little reading nook. Sister Ethel is fixing up the Laundry building. Brother Robert is dividing his time between banking the dormitories with dirt for extra warmth, working on the dam, feeding the animals and many other useful things. Bishop Tom built an addition to the coal shed and all hands were busy for days. The brothers in Venta from Homer helped getting in the seemingly endless Quantity of coal and wood needed for the coming cold weather. The trees, charred by the Burned down HQ House last year, were all cut down and made into firewood supply. The large hole which was the hand dug basement of the House has been filled in and the area landscaped. Brother Art is surgeon & nurse to all things in the mechanical field. He also serves as supervisor, mender, teacher, cheerleader & nursemaid in the Boy's dormitory. He recently held a sewing class to teach the boys to sew labels onto their clothing to help in sorting the laundry. The boy's Dorm is a good place for the Saturday night program as it is neat, clean & cozy.  The mountains and their attendant clouds gave residents of Venta this summer a record exhibition of form, color, variety and anything else it takes to provide scenic beauty at the close of the day. Thank Master for mountains, clouds, sun, moon & waters and for the sense of appreciation for all these beauties of nature. Let us "take the time to study it well." Temperatures during October were not extreme; in fact we had some very summery days. One light fall of snow was a delight to the two people recently arriving from California. It gave the others a chance to act bored & say "Aw, you ain't seen nothin' yet."  From "Light-hearted Lexicon": Race track=where windows clean people. Baseball=A card game in St. Louis. What to do when it rains=Coincide. Piebald= Without meringue.



NOVEMBER 30th, 1960       

Bishop Asaiah & Brother Robert left Homer about 1 PM Wednesday in the Burma truck for Venta. The Lewis's made the trip at the same time, each helping the other through the tough spots. The two brothers spent the night at Lewis's and started for Venta Thursday AM. They only got about one third of the distance. Asaiah & Robert had to walk the rest of the way into Venta, arriving late in the evening. Brother R.B. & Bishop Asaiah took the "Viking" (DB cat) back to the Burma truck and brought it into Venta. Brothers Art & Robert prepared to make the drive into Homer. They left as soon as they finished breakfast, about 1:30 PM.


DECEMBER 16, 1960

Neria resigns from position as secretary.

(see WKFL_Letters_Random_60_12_16)


[Here is the timeline for the prophesized 1965 “race war”.


July 2, 1964

President Lyndon Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination of all kinds based on race, color, religion or national origin. The Act also provides the federal government with the powers to enforce desegregation.


July 18, 1964  Harlem:

Riots erupt in Harlem, New York after the fatal shooting of a 15-year-old African American male by a white police officer. One person is killed, more than 100 are injured and hundreds more are arrested.


July 24, 1964  Rochester: Friday,

Nearly 1,000 people are arrested; the majority, between 20 and 40 years old, employed, with no prior record. Fifteen percent are white.


August 28–30, 1964  North Philadelphia:

Allegations of police brutality spark Columbia Avenue race riots in a predominantly African American neighborhood in North Philadelphia: 341 injured, 774 arrested, 225 stores damaged or destroyed.


August 11–17, 1965  Watts:

Approximately 35,000 African Americans riot in Watts, a black section of Los Angeles, after the arrest of a 21-year-old black male. 34 reported dead, 1,100 injured and 4,000 arrested. Estimated damage: $100 million.


July 14–17, 1967  Newark:

Racial tensions between the black community and a mostly white police force lead to riots in Newark, New Jersey. 26 dead, 1,100 wounded, more than $10 million in damage.


July 23–27, 1967  Detroit:

Riots begin in Detroit after police raid an illegal drinking establishment and attempt to arrest patrons. 43 killed, 1,189 injured, more than 7,000 arrested; estimated damage $45 million.


End of editors comments regarding the prediction of a race war in 1965.]