WKFL Photo Gallery

Mass Murder 10 December 1958 - 10 died.

Dec 10 - The fireball from the bomb ignited everything at once, so that when I woke up, the boys dorm was nearly gone from the intense heat.  Both exit doors were blocked, and the only escape was the window, thanks to Bishop Asaiah, who tossed me out.
Dec 10 - The fire station was across the street, but the shockwave of the blast jammed the fire door, so it took a while for them to cross the street to battle the blaze.
After 1 am, 10 December 1958.  Firefighters from Ventura and Los Angeles counties battle the blaze caused by the detonation of 20 sticks of extremely high explosives.
Dec 10 - Brother Jesse, 9, asleep in front of the main building Hobby room fire place, after escaping the fire at Headquarters.  The nursery was overcrowded, so the kids were sleeping where ever they could stay warm.
Dec 10 - Within hours the FBI, county sherrif, city cops, fire investigators and a zillion photographers were all over the place.
Dec 10 - This is one of those rare 'artistic' shots of the nightmare.
Dec 10 - And of course, we kids were everywhere.  The nursery was overcrowded to begin with, the excitement was intense with so many people, and so we couldn’t stay away from the 'ruins'.
Dec 10 - Plus the fact that we loved being in the papers.
Dec 10 - Two very tired and grim searchers of body parts.
Dec 10 - The fountain members just wanted to clean up the mess, but we had to wait for the authorities to finish their job of finding body parts.
Dec 12 - Brother Jon, playing in the ruins, and looking for coins.
Dec 12 - Clean up time, and a very depressing task.

Killed on Dec 10 1958-

Krishna Venta (aka Francis Herman Pencovic, Mar 29 1911)

Priest Elvira (aka Ethyl Rey, 58 yo)

Anna Noga (65 yo)

Priest Paul (aka Martin Baker, 40 yo)

Keela Baker  (7 yo)

Cardinal Gene Shanafelt (40 yo)

Bishop Jane Shanafelt (37 yo)

Elwyn James (baby of Gene & Jane, 11 months)

Also killed, the two bombers, who were vaporized in the explosion:


Elzibah (aka Peter Duma Kamenoff, 1916)

Jeroham (aka Ralph Muller, 1925)
Dec 10 - Religion, at it's worst, and I hope that the world never forgets.

Bishop Nekona with boys from dormitory watching the fire on Dec 10. 

Front L-R, David Schofield 9, Sharva Venta 11, Lael Venta 8.

Rear L-R, Jesse Zina 9, Billy Schofield 7.
Nekona and Elesha, in one of those rare moments where you can see how really mean they can get.
Friday 12 Dec, Mother Ruth giving lecture to group.  Notice that she is standing on her toes.  In a few days somebody obtained a stool, which lasted another 15 years.
Funeral at Valhalla Memorial Park.

Funeral services at Valhalla Memorial Park.

Services at Valhalla Memorial Park.

Photo of Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery, taken from the planet Neophrates, where Google Maps is headquartered.

I have no idea where all these little girls came from, but at least in this photo you can tell which ones are boys.

Bishop Nekona and Lael Venta.  After a few years he learned to really hate that woman.  On the wall is the Fountain newsletter, the Skopia.

Sharva Venta

Sister Ruth Schofield and Sharva Venta

Bishop Asaiah (my step-father) really loved the cameras.  So who is the cool Lana Lang reporter with the shades?  And who is that bald guy trying to get his 2 cents in?  So many questions have not been answered, but such is the life of a researcher.
Dec 11 - Bishop Nekona and Sister Muriel, two 'devoted' followers who stayed with it for another 20 years.  Nekona was usually the one in the back of the lecture halls who would yell "He is the Christ, he is Arisen".  She managed to irritate KV to no end, but I guess somebody had to act the fool.  KV once said "Heaven help the Fountain if she ever takes over.", and take over she did.
Dec 11 - Bishop Nekona and Sister Muriel.  The picture says it all.  Let's face it, Nekona didn't have a clue.  Yes, woman, this is planet Earth, not Neophrates.  Muriel was dedicated to that woman from day 1, and nobody knows why, not even her daughter.
Members posing for the cameras.  Who was it who said "Any publicity is good publicity."
Lots of hugs, and life goes on
Bishop Nekona, Sister Mary, Bishop Asaiah.

Injured -

Linda Lee Baker (here with her mom - Ruth Lewis),

Erma Winfrey (senior citizen) and 

Shela (young girl)
Medical care for children in the 1950s.
Priest Samuel giving lecture on how to carry on after the death of the spiritual leader.
Mother Ruth Venta holding burned picture of deceased husband Krishna Venta.
Lael Venta, Mother Ruth Venta and Sharva Venta.
A meal with empty seats.
Mother Ruth giving lecture to group, with Nekona sitting on the left.  This is the same stage where Charles Manson played his guitar and sang really dumb songs 10 years later.  And we shouldn’t forget Sister Virginia doing the hula dance in a bikini.  Yikes.  When I was 5 years old I pushed somebody out that open window into a barrel of water, which was all part of our Saturday night play.  That picture of Krishna Venta on the alter stared at me for 16 years.
This is the leadership table, which was donated to the Fountain by a movie studio that used it in a scene of the Last Supper.
L-R, Mother Ruth, Priest Samuel, Bishop Nekona chanting.  Notice that the hands are held in the same way as Moslems, which I guess is fairly universal.  And the robes are the same.  And the chanting…  Hey, wait a minute; I thought that we were Christians.  I do get so confused…
L-R, Mother Ruth, Priest Samuel, Bishop Nekona chanting.  Notice that the hands are held in the same way as Moslems, which I guess is fairly universal.  And the robes are the same.  And the chanting…  Hey, wait a minute; I thought that we were Christians.  I do get so confused…
Dec 12 - The patio of the nursery was our only play area, and we certainly loved to have our pictures taken by the strange people from the ‘outside world’.

Closeup of the kids.

(L-R) a Schofield boy-probably Billy, my older sister Debbie, my younger brother Ken (yea, with the braids), and I have no idea who the other 3 kids are.

Lael Venta is the one on the left with his head poking out.

Karan is second from the right, with the wild hair.  The others I do not remember.
Wilbur, a junior member of the Fountain, but very photogenic.  Notice that he has one sword in the emblem.  Two swords is a priest, and three a Bishop.  No sword is a Brother or Sister, and a large symbol is an elder Brother or Sister.  Ah, the privileges of rank in a commune.
This is the suicide bomber, husband of Neria, Peter 'Elzibah' Dumas Kamenoff.
The location of the WKFL Fountain of the World and Spahns Movie Ranch.
Bishop Nekona and Priest Charles (not Charles Manson).
Sister Erika, who ran the nursery during my pre-school years.
Brother Lawrence, Sister Billie and Brother Juan (Russ Bowers) start their cross-country peace walk.  Nobody seems to know if they made it to the United Nations. Brother Juan dropped out of the walk somewhere in Arizona and tells us (on 10/20/10) "I ended up (a few years later) living at Gridley Wright's commune 'Strawberry Fields' in Decker Canyon before moving on to Haight Ashberry, and other 'happenings' ... in a search for something to believe in/be a part of. It finally came to me, that as long as I drew breath I was a part of all that is." - Amen to that.