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W.K.F.L. Fountain of the World



Entrance to the WKFL Fountain of the World

 November 18, 2008

30th anniversary of the mass murder of 9 former Fountain members, by Jimmy Jones - 900+ died.

August, 2008

40th anniversary of the eviction from the Fountain of Charles Manson - 9 died. 

December 10, 2008

50th anniversary of the double suicide bombing of the Fountain founder, Krishna Venta - 10 died.


WKFL Photo Gallery 1 - These photographs cover the decade of 1948-1958 in California.

WKFL Photo Gallery 2 - The Alaska homestead photographs 1957-1958.

WKFL Photo Gallery 3 - Mass Murder, 10 December 1958 - 10 died.



Diary of Sister Neria - This is a huge file that contains the daily life of the Fountain as seen through the eyes of a nurse, and a devout follower of Krishna Venta.


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